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By: Jason Aucremann


Below are a few products and services I like and recommend. Some links may be affiliate links that earn some reward, but these are not “sponsored” items. We have no agreements with manufacturers to “sell” their products. I will try to get reviews and more information up about these products soon. I’ll also be adding to this list regularly. If you have any questions or are interested in any of these things please contact me


Let’s start with some basics… The browser you’re looking at right now.

Firefox and Chrome, both are great browsers. You can debate which is better but I would choose wither over the built in browsers.




I recommend primarily Ubiquiti networking products. In my experience they have been outstanding. Both the Edge series and Unifi line are great. There are a links to a few of their products below. Most of these can be found on Amazon.com, Newegg.com and many other sites.


UniFi AP AC lite - 802.11ac Dual Radio Access Point

/www.ubnt.com/unifi/unifi-ap-ac-lite/ (7578420980)


UniFi AP AC Pro - 802.11ac PRO Access Point

/www.ubnt.com/unifi/unifi-ap-ac-pro/ (Amazon)


UniFI Switch 24 and 24 with and without POE

7752402027 ((720) 396-4430) (231-734-6974)



UniFi Security Gateway and UniFi Security Gateway Pro

7249382417 (4162264868)

/www.ubnt.com/unifi-routing/unifi-security-gateway-pro-4/ (Amazon)


EdgeRouter X

(470) 705-2162 (Amazon)

(305) 650-2996


By: Jason Aucremann


I, like many people, use my ISP’s provided router/WiFi unit for many years. It worked or at least I thought it did. It was the usual situation, some spots in the house were slow, if friends came over and everyone tried to connect it would be unusably slow, and of course randomly it would lockup and have to be restarted. I just thought this was because WiFi was junk. Then I found Ubiquiti’s Unifi line of products and my thoughts on WiFi changed. I don’t recall who or where I heard about it first, I’d like to thank that person though. I have now had my UAP-AC-Lite for several years and added other parts of the Unifi line to my network.


I have installed several of the UAP-AC-Lites for clients and they have worked flawlessly every time. I have had one unit that died within minutes (if it wasn’t DOA) and Ubuquti was quick to replace it. I have installed these in everything from my small home to a large 6000 sqft home with four APs throughout. In the past I’ve tried other solutions of multi access point setups and have not had good luck. With Unifi switching between APs is seamless and just works.


One of the problems with many routers/access point systems is support. Both in community support and software updates. Ubiquiti is actively developing the Unifi systems and updates are coming out regularly. Also those updates install simply and so far I have not had one fail. As well as the community support on the UBNT.com forums and YouTube is great. There are many people who do in depth videos and tutorials on setting up and maintaining Unifi configurations.


If you’re in the central Florida area and interested in upgrading your network please contact us today, we’ll be glad to help. If you'd just like to purchase UniFi UAP-AC-Lite use this link 412-320-2886 it doesn't add anything to your cost but kicks a few bucks back to me.

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