You shouldn't count on others for help.

Are they friends or are they dating?


Over there is a place where several colonies of birds nest.


She got up early so as to see the sunrise.

Mitchell seems to have his mind on something else.

How was that possible?


After the fire, the smell of smoke in the air lasted for days.

You are a good man.

She went into her room to change her dress.

I've seen an article on the Tatoeba blog about a new version coming soon. Have you read it?

I was thrown out of the house with everything I owned.

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I met with him today.

All Dawn wanted was a nice hot bath.

I think I know everything I need to know about this.

How many times a month do you write letters?

Brian poured Russell a snifter full of brandy.

Many students are looking for part-time jobs.

Are you busy tomorrow afternoon?


She turned eighty-one.

The mind's greatest good is the knowledge of God, and the mind's highest virtue is to know God.

I've told you everything.

Tareq kept working even though he was very tired.

Brandon will do that.

The ship from New York will arrive before long.

I'm totally indifferent to it.

Catherine died before his son was born.

You drink too much.


Somebody has died.

I'm observing wild birds.

I'm at the restaurant.

I wonder what Nelken will do next.

The young girl burst into tears.

Ritalynne helped Kee pick up her stuff.

Gentlemen, allow me to say a few words in greeting.


I've finished.

It now looks as good as new.

You do have a choice.

He keeps on talking forever if you listen to him.

I need to be alone for a while.

She closed her eyes, pursed her lips and leaned forward for a kiss.

Jaime's body was found by fishemen floating adrift in the sea.

The taxi I took was very old and small.

Don't tell me things I already know.

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That folk singer is very popular with people in general.


No matter what Beth wears, he looks cool.

Studying when you're sleepy is a waste of time.

Itzhak Rabin was the Nobel Peace Prize laureate for the year 1994.

Is it open round the clock?

I worked in Boston for three years.

This is where I usually buy shoes.

I'd like to meet Jerome if I could.

You're obedient.

I just turned 20 and my younger sister will turn 13 next month.


He cycles to school.

This is a beneficial work.

You'll have to talk to Victor.


Naresh got a free upgrade to business class.

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Divide it among the three.

In the same amount of time it would take me to correct all the mistakes in your report, I could write a better report myself.

Kirk is the one who painted this picture.


Why didn't you go to school today?


That sounds very cheap.

Stay in touch with the most important people in your life.

Did you hear about yesterday's fire?

There's a lot to do.

He can not distinguish between right and wrong.


The police received an anonymous tip-off that the bank robbery was an inside job.

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We still need to buy food for tonight's party.

I couldn't shake off his hand.

I know nothing to the contrary.

Maybe I should've told her.

I don't want Louis to be in the room while I'm on the phone.

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What is your favorite color and why?

Why would I want to do that?

You're not really asking people to believe that, are you?

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He was not sure what to do.

All I need to know about Farouk is his phone number and email address.

A few years ago, there was a huge scandal.

Don't throw away this newspaper. I haven't read it yet.

How often do you drink?

We rarely have soup.

We were just looking for them.


I bought a smartphone for my wife.


Keep them away from us.

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Daren took a bite out of his sandwich.

Alexander is a crook.

The money collected allowed the construction of new accommodation.

"It's fine," Dima laughed. "I'm still growing, after all. I'll grow into it."

Shuvra is a very light sleeper.

You think you're so tough. You wouldn't last a minute in my neighborhood.

I'd like to go to college.

Either you or I will have to go.

"Ted was killed in an automobile accident." "How horrible!"

I heard a strange noise coming from Adam's room last night.

Lower your voice.

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I didn't realize how much Jiri missed Len.

Some people have a calm temperament or exude courtesy.

Sit in that chair, please.

Look at that smoke. That building must be on fire.

What's the matter, dad? Why are you grimacing like that?

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He put new film into his camera.

I'm sure that Lucy will marry the pop singer.

Shuvra is very angry with you.

He is wearing a green women's robe.

He has so far been silent about his intention.


It's the first time I pull Taninna's hair just as she pulls mine!

Herb said you'd gone to Boston.

I forgot to pay the electric bill.

It's clear that he has no intention of marrying you.

Life is cheap.

Michiel isn't messing around.

I sometimes play tennis with her.

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They think he's not right for the assignment.

Ben gave No the cold shoulder.

did you enjoy your sunday?


We met last year in Boston.

I had to do something.

Kenn lost the bet.

Before eating it, cook the meat well.

All visitors are welcome.

The door is now closed.

... reason? What you're looking for is a pretext, isn't it?

Notification of the smoking ban was posted outside the restaurant yesterday.

The next concert will take place in June.

Since he was very tired, he fell sound asleep.

Can you tell me about what happened?

Sigurd waited till the door was closed.

I want to see Holly before I leave.


A new book expected to come out this semester is about how to avoid financial problems in difficult times.

I don't know where Kolkka came from.

When did Donn escape?

I changed only a few words.

I want to go with him.

The train was held up because of the railroad accident.

I could not understand what the president said then.


Can't someone else do this?

She is awesome.

Melinda died of breast cancer.


If you read this sentence three times, a ghost will visit you in your sleep.

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It is the business of the future to be dangerous; and it is among the merits of science that it equips the future for its duties.

Don't turn your back on him.

I'm sorry, but I am against this project.

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If you don't pay rent, the landlord will evict you.

We never know why we die.

Happiness is always with you. You don't have to go somewhere far away for it. It is here - in a quiet solitary room.

Floyd has some very important things he needs to do right now.

You ought to have invited him, but you didn't.

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We're smarter than that.

I just had a vision.

Rabin could tell by Cindie's accent that she was probably from Ireland.

Lack of money brought my travel plans to an end.

Do you know how to start a fire using just sticks of wood?

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Dawson will be prepared for it.


Did he get a receipt?

Saqib, can you stay still for five minutes?

She took something out of the bag.

Syun doesn't know whether Ken will come or not.

Serdar bent down to scratch the dog behind the ear.


Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.

I need information about her.

I've come for her.


My grandmother is very old.

A little practice couldn't hurt.

Excuse me, but may I open the window?