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You guys make a cute couple.


Surya's shirt wasn't ironed and he'd forgotten to comb his hair.

I never thought it'd be this easy to hack into your website.

You should study like your sister does.

Carter doesn't want to go away.

Come home at six.

You should keep your valuables in a safe place.

He was transported to the hospital by helicopter.

Tony shot Mayo with a pistol.

Remember to take good care of yourself!

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Luke is a vintner.

An American spoke to me at the station.

Even now, we still doubt that he is the real murderer.

I need a first aid kit.

Please try to stay calm.

I really need to hit somebody.

Solve the mystery lurking behind the murder!

They are nice boys and I am sure you will get on with them very well.

Since when do you care about fashion?

Their fight is nothing but an alpha male pissing contest.

There's no reason why you shouldn't do it.

She had no idea what I was talking about.

Nothing comes easy.

Those who enforce the law must obey the law.

You're prejudiced.

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I'd like to talk to him again.

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He sends us to the factory.

You're really tense.

Val is very dangerous.

The beer's very cold.

This will all be over soon.

What? Who, me?

I wonder whose footprints these are.

I'm hung over.

Are you going to say anything?

How do you interpret these lines of the poem?

I am willing to help you with your work.


It was a rush job so it might not be a good fit.

Margie didn't have on his shoes.

Damone finally got it.

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He decided to go there.

Suwandi got hit by a truck.

Brandy obviously knows what to do.


One idiot can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer.


I never thought Ron would run away.

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He often entertained his friends over the weekend.

I asked my teacher what to do next.

It would take too long to explain.

That place is creepy.

What do you think of the present cabinet?

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Let's talk quietly in order not to wake the baby.

Jon is a pastor.

Where have you been all day?

Slavery still exists.

These flowers are rare for that part of the country.

Leads pilots a helicopter which patrols the city's beaches, searching the waters for sharks.

Turkeer is doing what he can.

I laughed my ass off when they told me that joke.

Everything went black.

It's not always possible to eat well when you are traveling in this part of the world.

Theodore served us coffee.

Roxanne didn't even know my name.

Why should Kris return?

Wash blood with blood.

There wasn't enough.

Stagger won't tell you what you want to know.

The leaves blew away in the wind.

Leila turned down the flame.

I don't want to hear a word from you.

Well, it wasn't all that bad.

Show me your true face.

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What I'm telling you is true.

They spoke French.

Do you want me to help Petr?

Many people drift through life without a purpose.

Coat the chicken breast with flour.

Is this what you want?

I had barely got aboard when the train began to move.

You can't die like this.

Do I really have to do this?

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Suppose you are fired, what will you do first?


How to thank him in Turkish?


Did she go to the concert last Sunday?

I wanna go!

I've been here long enough.


Every company has a firm business plan.

Marsha let his children stay up until eleven.

Janos doesn't like asking for help.

Please give me one.

Robbin does make things happen.

I have to get them out of here.

The sample is not pure enough.

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Sylvan was tired and discouraged.

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My friends usually agree.

I have a lot of fun when I'm with Barrett.

Can you give this to us?

A Pap test can help detect cervical cancer early on.

I don't feel like speaking French today.

Josh is enjoying himself.

You have to learn how to ride a horse.

He tried to put the fragments of a broken vase together.

The fool is happy.

Everybody row in concert!

What did Clarence give you?

You both love each other, don't you?

That one's my favorite.

Truth prevails.

My heart is green and yellow.


What are your favorite languages?


I don't want to go to church today.

Neptune has two thick and two thin rings which surround it.

The wind is blowing from the south.


Lack of flexibility is an obstacle to progress.

Giles is a model student.

Where can I go surfing around here?

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For precisely that reason, many works have been translated from all kinds of languages into Esperanto.

Don't worry, I'll do it.

Would you like sugar and milk?

Kieran quickly figured it out.

I'm here with a friend.

Someone entered the room.

I want to go back to Will's.

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You can tell him.

I must know the truth about him.

Ken was sewing large pieces of fabric into a flag.

How much did they give you for your old car?

We heard the sound of helicopters overhead.


I told them all about you.

What are the other men doing?

It's so true.

Cristopher is worked up.

Amanda and Carisa shared the cost.

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Would you help me?

Just tell her what you want.

Hon comes to visit every year.

Linux Deepin is another wonderful Linux distribution.

Just tell me where it is.

Where did we go wrong?

Yes, he actually said that.

You can't marry her.

I hope Kikki's wrong.

No one lives in that house.

This hat is too tight for me.

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None of them would admit to being the culprit.

Can you speak Japanese, too?

We should do better.

I lost 30 pounds.

I'll probably get hammered drunk.


Seth asked the stranger what his name was.

Tell me about your dreams, Sean.

I read your report.

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He will be back soon.

I searched for a book with many pictures.

I'll go to Boston by bus.

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They're not just roommates. They're lovers.

I talked to the doctor about our options.

Yesterday was the school closing ceremony.


This right must be protected at all costs.


The rain stopped just long enough for me to dash into the cafe without getting wet.

Stop, or I'll shoot.

They helped me.

'Childhood friends' are scary.

Yesterday it was Sunday so I slept all day

Where's my mommy?

I saw Toerless's name on that list.

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Someone's going to hurt her.

He had his secretary type letter.

Janos kicked the trash can.