Killing is forbidden; every murderer is punished, unless he has killed accompanied by many men and to the sound of trumpets.

I've gotta go up and perform now.


What did you miss?

That's my favorite blue shirt.

He rose to his feet to greet me.

Please move back.

Ramiro was right not to do that.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Money is not a criterion of success.


Can you guys solve the puzzle?


My throat's a little dry.


We need to work together in order to make Tatoeba a better website.

Perhaps he could solve this problem.

I couldn't sleep well because it was noisy outside.

She is concerned about her son's health.

Suzan certainly is full of energy today.


The first printing machine was invented by Gutenberg.

Jill has been reassigned.

Hienz and Liyuan have just gotten back to Boston.


I have not yet learned whether he reached there or not.

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I spoke to him about it on the telephone.

I know what I believe.

Sangho said he'll go to Boston in October.


You're quite the liar.


I know this is weird.


Bonnie can't be sick.

I majored in literature at the university.

I can recognize him even in a crowd.

You might also like this book.

She'll be driven by me.


A squirrel hid among the branches.


You'd better give up smoking.

Tao wasn't honest.

I couldn't do anything else.

The most important thing in life is to be yourself.

He has the advantage of wealth.

May I feel this?

We're having some people round.


We're going out of business.


I'm not going to lie to him.

May I speak with the teacher?

We're not related.

Those books look as if they're going to topple over any minute.

I must confer with my colleagues on the matter.

I'm not staying.

It was an anonymous tip-off that allowed the police to catch the terrorists.

I wanted Samir to stay longer, but he had to leave.

What happened to Piotr in Boston?


She was brought up by her aunt.

John hates me and it shows.

I feel blessed.

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You know you can't do that.

I had a talk with him.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder.

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That's my point.

It took me a long time to figure that out.

I get the feeling that no one here is telling us the truth.

I knew I'd find you with her.

How much time do you have?

Opportunity seldom knocks twice.

Did you give him that dog?


He adopted a war orphan and is bringing her up as a foster daughter.

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Sjouke has the ability to do what needs to be done.

I was just now thinking about you.

Jane is fat and rude, and smokes too much. However, Ken thinks she's lovely and charming. That's why they say love is blind.

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Alberto isn't that different.


When I returned home, my brother had done his homework.

He thinks nothing of staying up all night.

She's a descendant of King George!

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I got him to clean my room.

I almost felt sorry for Nancy.

Curt knew better than to try to kiss Harry in public.

I'll take you there myself.

I love sports.

I'd like a single from the 24th for two nights.

I'm not rich enough.


Don't let Joel down.

Erick chops wood every day.

He kissed my hand.


I only left Teriann one message.

Do you think he is good for the position?

And I'll put my two cents in as well.

The fish is hiding under the rocks.

Close your eyes, and count to ten.

She didn't arrive at the party, but nobody knows why.

The calendar on the refrigerator had Jarmo's birthday circled.

Can anybody tell me Douglas's phone number?

I'd like you to meet Mr Brown.

You're going to be in trouble and it's my fault.

During the time period known as Paleolithic, man had to struggle for his survival.

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You're just afraid you'll have to kiss Wolf.

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Nicolo is a talented writer.

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Sometimes people make the same mistake over and over.

Your son will be well taken care of.

We don't really need them.

Owls cannot see in the daytime.

Emilia comes in.

He looked through the microscope.

Everything happened just the way Stephen said it would.


I don't think it will rain, but I'll take an umbrella in case.

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The meat is tough.

Do you want to end up like her?

He knows how to mop his room.

She was waiting in front of the building.

My dad doesn't let me go to the cinema alone.


I helped my father water the flowers.


We want them to say yes.

Lou and Mongo look sad.

Job rotation is essential to running a business.


You take after your mother. You remind me of her.

Juan might think that we aren't coming.

Why don't you tell me what's really bothering you?

Andy is confused about what just happened.

Mr. Suzuki is angry about Konstantinos's prank.

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We found a copy of Sheila's will.


Let's give him some privacy.

I'll find a way to get a raise.

Take us with you, Geoff.

Do you think that's bad?

Mysore seemed like a good enough guy.

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I want you to put these boxes in the basement.


I want you to go with Melinda.

I am not afraid of dying.

The event is on Sunday.

I just saw the news.

I have a Me 2, which is stronger than my Me 1.


She refused to pay.

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I am quite all right now.

Raphael seems apprehensive.

Fred is a character.


I had to tell her that myself.

Jeremy is my dad.

Life is short, but the years are long.

It's very demanding work.

Laurie is an Egyptologist.

The car is outside.

That never used to bother me.

I believe congratulations are in order.

Without you, my life would have been totally empty.

You shouldn't have gone there by yourself.

No matter where I go, I get lost.

We went to the lake to row a boat.

His songs were very popular with young people.

Peggy and Srinivasan aren't here.

Manny is joining our company.

Everyone cheered.

Your mother is worried about you.

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Willie could swim when he was three years old.


Hot tears ran down her cheeks.

I'll have to call back.

Kathryn usually gets up before six.

Put it down.

Bob is just fucking around.


It rained all day yesterday.

All students are admitted free.

There is only one towel in our bathroom.

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Art brings bread.