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Don't you have a full-time job?

He hit two birds with one stone.

Phil drove fast.

Don't play around too much after school.

I've never seen one to these before.


I intended to have called on him, but I couldn't.

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Dori restrained himself from hitting Ssi.

Nanda and Vick know each other, but they're not exactly friends.

I'm afraid I didn't explain it too well.

I knew Pandora was coming.

How many pupils are there in your school?

There is cat hair all over the place.

Get out of bed!

Today's Kathy's birthday.

I'm not free.

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Keeping your heart fit and strong can slow down the ageing of your brain, say researchers.

The baby is crawling now.

I would gladly help you, only I am too busy now.


If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.


You have absolutely no idea what we had to do.

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Soft healers make stinking wounds.


These are pens.

The going was rough, but God was on my side.

I would rather let him have his own way.

Which is easier, this book or that book?

I'll give Victor a hand.


You can be a real nuisance when you want to.

This data is incorrect.

I am right.

That blouse doesn't go with that skirt.

Not once did she look at me.

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Contrary to popular opinion, hair and fingernails do not continue to grow after death.


We'll come back.

That was just a warning shot.

How long do you expect it to take?


I can't imagine doing anything else.

You know what's going to happen, don't you?

They never talk but they quarrel.

He is not mad, nor ever was.

When were Jews first sent to the concentration camps?

Russia is a huge country.

Cats show emotional habits parallel to those of their owners.

I have doubts about his popularity.

Matthieu lost the key to his dorm room.

Krzysztof thought that there was a good chance that it was William who had stolen the painting.

Who is Miss Universe 2015?


Hal and Maurice rolled around in the grass.

I don't feel like anything.

Let's all give him a hand.

Don't tell anybody where Jerald is.

I am glad to have helped you last week.

In college, I fared ill with physics and well with chemistry.

He asked his cabinet for advice.

I have to use the phone.

I thought that sounded good.


I used to consider this piece rather mediocre, but it's grown on me since then, and now I find it quite enjoyable to listen to.


Meeks lied about the matter.


Marilyn heard a siren.

What if something happened to him?

One should add a full stop at the end of the sentence.

He looks old for his age.

Millie is very cute.

His chances of being elected are good.

Patrick never said he wanted to work for you.

I told you it wouldn't work.

It's not your job.

The house standing on the hill is very old.

I'm worried about that.


You and I are both students at this school.


Do I need braces?


I really feel sorry for that old man who lives alone and has no family.


I resent his rude attitude.


You're always exaggerating.

You had a week to do this.

Look ahead.

I wake up at the sound of the alarm.

He's a gadget freak.

We're throwing a party Friday evening at our place.

Jason has really helped out.


Evelyn is just an amateur.


There is no more important problem than this.


Six families live in this apartment house.

I met her on the eve of her departure.

I'm not sure if that's a good idea.


I've sent her home.


We're leaving this afternoon.

You're going to love Boston.

No one came.

Paulina has a pink hat.

I'm afraid it will be rainy.

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There is a little money in the bag.

I made a great find in the store the other day.

We often hear it said that Japanese people are conservative.


I'm delighted to meet you again.

I don't think my life is easy.

I need help in here.

How are your wedding plans coming?

We were trying to surprise Pratap.

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My parents often go to the cinema with their friends, but this evening they're watching a film on TV.


Concentrate on the mission!

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That's an interesting thought.

I should've cooked the pork longer.

Who wants this?

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Dammit, she completely ignored me.

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We are checking our mailboxes.

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You worry too much about Knut.

Van will suffer.

He replaced the book on the shelf.

Why aren't you wearing those earrings I gave you?

Edgar is an intelligent young man.

It is written in simple English.

I should've asked Randall to help.

Do you have a moment to discuss these figures with me?

I thank you very much for your kindness.

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Krzysztof isn't to be trifled with.

They reported Spy to the police.

I hadn't seen him for ten years.

Please don't die.

Marion probably thought I was hungry.


Her standards for men are impossibly high, thanks to a girlhood rich in Disney, Cosmopolitan, and private school.


Dan believed that the hammer was the murder weapon.


No matter how many times I read that sentence, I couldn't understand it.

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All animals are equal.

We need to be sure.

Yvonne is our team leader.


Their job is to do the dishes.

I'd like you to stay and help me clean up.

She's not a good cook.


What I'm about to tell you is strictly off the record.

It would have seemed a lot funnier, if it weren't happening to her.

My hands are full.

There's nothing wrong with this law.

I think I'd like to be alone.

No one can say.

We'll give it a try.

Tehran is a very beautiful town.

Some Italian fashion designers are saying that white bathing suits will catch on this year.

I love to watch baseball and football.

My grandfather succumbed to a terminal cancer this year.

I was puzzled about what to do next.

Tell Max he owes me one.

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How did they leave?


I'm leaving Boston.

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I guess I could ask Kenton to help.

Dick is just being polite, isn't he?

I hear it takes time to make friends with the English people.

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The noise got on my nerves.

It is hard for an empty sack to stand straight.

Have you got through with the paper?

Smoking harms your health.

Ethan finished the bottle of wine by himself.

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Open your mouth, please!

I've got to get to work.

Sergio told Steen to leave me alone.