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Beyond questions, solutions and revisit again questions, gap analysis in CWY Mastery Sessions pinpoints exact areas of need. You get immediate corrective feedback, personal smart study plans, tips, theory, and personal task cards, videos and personalised revision.


Practice questions topic-wise in an analytical framework for better self-analysis. Understand how to approach a question in an exam, and how to structure your solutions. Revisit those questions you feel should be revised again.

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CWY Mastery Sessions

No faster or more efficent way to results! In place of random practice sessions, CWY Mastery Sessions are personalised to your exact learning needs. They save time, build confidence and reduce stress. Go CWY: Compete With Yourself!

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Download for free or buy your books like the popular Sure Success Series and the CWY Sessions to make your exam preparation even more comprehensive.


Search from hundreds of books for your exact needs.


Get latest question papers and supporting study materials.

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Download free books, past papers, frequency analysis of last 10-20 year past papers, and other resources including Parent Self-Analysis and Nutrition Guidelines.


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