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New to Newquay

In the middle of August, probably the “hottest” month of the year in England (I was still wearing a pullover), I went on my last, and probably the most amazing, trip of my stay in the UK. I started from London early morning and arrived […]

Green Lake

Green Lake

Spontaneous trips are not only exciting, but probably the ones were you have the lowest expectations and therefore in the end the nicest surprises. At least I had this experience as we (me and Hanna, an old friend from school) went on a day trip […]

Florence Nightingale Museum

Florence Nightingale Museum

Nearby the world-famous tourists’ attractions in London’s heart is, hidden behind the St Thomas’s hospital, the Florence Nightingale Museum. This museum offers a fascinating inside in the life and person Ms Nightingale was when she change the quality of medical and health care during the 19th century; especially during the british Crimean War. She was not only a passionate woman who worked hard and followed her heart, she also encouraged many more to help the ones in need. She was a beloved sister and daughter, studied nursing hidden from her parents – because her parents actually saw her marrying a nice gentleman -, loved traveling, wrote several books and was inspired by statistics, while she cared about the nurses’ education and gloriously reformed patient care. And, what probably J.K. Rowling didn’t know: Florence had a faithful owl as pet.


Tips and Tricks:

+ ask for a student discount, if you are a student (doesn’t matter if the student ID is not from the UK)

+ have a look at the black spots at the green walls inside the museum, they show great old pictures

+ at the stations where you can hear a story through a telephone headset, listen to it (if you are interested), because it won’t tell you the same information you may get from the written cards at the station (the story told gives a deeper understanding)







Daily Rainy – Milk and Honey


My friends from Vienna told me in shiny, sunny details about the wonderful weather they’re enjoining back home. Here in Manchester we can only dream about sun, which loses the fight against the clouds almost every day. To strengthen her up – yes, I believe […]


Covent Garden – Cheese, Sweets and Toys

Crossing the Themes via the Waterloo bridge, the Covent Garden is waiting for visitors to find the cutes treasures on a huge variety of toys, accessories and other goods; and the sweetest sweets from chocolate, cookies and ice cream to trees of macaroons. I had […]

Time to move to London

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After a long, dark and cold winterly autumn in Vienna I finally moved by the end of 2017 to London, UK. I packed my most beloved things (including my kitty cat), waved friends and family goodbye and got into the airplane. “Why are you doing this” everyone asked me, since I already lived in the most incredible city – New York. Because I would love to have tea with the queen and tell her that Harry should marry me instead of Meghan, so I can become a princess. Well, no, that’s not the reason why I want to spend the next 8 months in the northern part of Europe and watch the Brexit moving forward. I actually want to study in the UK via the Erasmus program (doing an exchange semester during my Bachelor study of Biology). But before my semester in Manchester starts, I’m going to check out London – especially for Christmas time.



To the jungle of Ghana

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Ghana, one of the most colorful and lively countries in Westafrica, has a lot to offer: super friendly people, who have always a positive attitude, sandy beaches, big butterflies, small bats, a huge biodiversity and the possibility to have a sleep over in the rainforest, […]