We took an airboat tour through the Everglades.

Valerie was obviously pleased to see Pratapwant.

He made a motion that we stop and rest awhile.

Use your weapons.

The policemen beat the bushes all day to find a lost child.

Did anyone see him in Germany?

I need a pair of scissors to cut this paper.

I feel awful.

She was born and brought up in Osaka.

I've been trying to tell you what needs to be done, but you keep interrupting.

What's the color of Helge's hair?


The Prime Minister has won his services as Minister for Justice.

Gale may be injured or dead.

Everybody still has a chance.


Let's sit at one of the tables near the back.

The snow prevented his going out.

Sometimes, accepting help is harder than offering it.

Miriamne and Frank are good friends.

Almost everyone in the class voted in favor of having a thank-you party for the teachers.


It is worthwhile reading the novel.

Morton is much shorter and weighs considerably less than Shyam.

How could anyone hate Markus?

When Sir Alex Ferguson saw that his players were getting tired, he always substituted them.

I always enjoy visiting Page.


Don't answer your mother back.

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How you can be so blind?


The image is out of focus.

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It is very kind of you to show me the way.

Cry your heart out.

Cathrin didn't anticipate that this would happen.

Her eyes were flooded with tears.

Martyn never had any intention of doing that.


Let's go outside and play in the snow.

How do I eat without a spoon?

Roxie and Meeks come from the same country.


They followed their leader blindly.

Where can I purchase index funds?

That's the word.


I've got a meeting at 2:30.

I discovered the truth.

We'll never forget what we found.

He's the best in his class in English.

Within two hours the sun had set.

It is imperative that you be on time as usual.

What to you want to say to me?

Alan is going to kill all of us.

But it's wonderful!

How long has it been since the accident?

The person carried the piano.

You should drink a lot of liquid.

Are you sure you want to know?

Per said he won't marry me.

He remained silent during the meeting.

I can watch TV all day without getting bored.

It's a marketing stunt.

You're going to like it.

I'm not sharing this with her.

He tidied up his room.

I used to swim here every day.

The devout Christian persists in his belief.

How kind of you to help me!

Bud is here, too.

Murray may come and visit me any time he wants to.

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He got the first prize.

What left me perplexed is that the answer was so simple and nobody could guess it.

They stopped three minutes later.

Is it true that horses sleep while standing up?

Have you ever been a witness in a court case?

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My parents should be proud of me.

I'm trying my best to provide for you and your brother.

It never occurred to me that Boyce wouldn't want to go with us.

We shouldn't let the problem rest here.

She's addicted to drugs.

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Most people would rather die than think; in fact, they do so.

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Who should I believe now?


I know I can't take Indra's place.

The scent of flowers almost makes me drunk.

What a rip off!

He couldn't apply himself to his studies because of a headache.

I gave it to them.


I'm asking you to help me change Shean's mind.

Pilot knows that Rees went to Boston.

The researchers made a surprising discovery.


I promise I won't tell anyone that you're rich.

The road is closed.

They could not prove their charges.

We had three tries and failed each time.

The accident is reported in today's paper.

Who doesn't care about money?

I spent the whole evening talking to Shannon.

How did you learn how to play the violin?

I'm not going to be late if I can avoid it.

I like my steak medium.

Can we see each other next weekend?

It is said that there is a treasure buried around here.

Are you sure Deborah is on his way back?


This is where you're wrong.

The shop was pretty empty.

This is getting old.


I feel so betrayed.


Everybody looks up to Ofer.

She has a bestseller.

The TV isn't plugged in.


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Have him wait a moment.

You're not the only one who doesn't believe Al.

I need a lawyer.

I was with Niels for an hour.

I shut the door behind me.

He likes singing.

Panzer appears to be looking for someone.

Bob was just about to leave when I telephoned him.


We haven't had that discussion yet.

Do you want the same thing to happen to Oleg?

I should be there right now.

Ning won't stop.

Don't be such a grammar Nazi.


I wish I'd known Part better.

I've worked very hard.

When you're a parent it's important to set a good example for your children.


What do you do here?

You're just trying to scare us.

The phone rang and Naren answered it.

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He's here to spy on us.


Do you want me to tell you what I really think?

Water is very important.

The people of old were simple through honesty; the people of today are clever through artificiality.

Before eating anything, you should wash your hands.

I downloaded it.

If countries were named after the words you first hear when you go there, England would have to be called Damn It.

The bank reassured us that our money was safe.

It is your constant efforts that count most in the end.

Connie has seen worse.

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The fall of the Berlin Wall was really an epochal event.


Terrence did what he had been told to do.


Isn't Kaj something?

I saw your light was on and knew you were still awake.

He said, "I'm trying too much, but I don't achieve any success."


Which car is ours?

It's a very important message.

Naren needed space.

It wasn't always easy for Edison to invent new things.

Cindie laughed and threw a pillow at me.


All Bjorne wanted was to find a woman who would accept all the love he had to give.

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There's nothing more to tell.

That's my cue.

The idea got stuck in my head.

You sound like your mother.

They have both failed to find the most serious problem that has ever faced our planet.


Part seems to be slightly flustered.

Carol played a Spanish folk tune on his English horn at a Chinese restaurant in France.

The world has paid due recognition to her ability.

Michiel, I love you.

Comic books aren't as popular as they used to be.

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I didn't see any children.

A referee must be fair to both teams.

I was very busy this week.

I definitely want to get acquainted with Tal. I think she is very likeable.

The poor educational policy is a detriment to Japan.

She ordered him not to give orders.

Scot doesn't look particularly pleased.

I almost didn't see you.

My sister likes sweets.

I can't tell you what to do.

Who's going to stop me?