When I have a cold, I sneeze and cough.

My legs are fine.

Why do you make it open even to rivals in the same trade?

He saw a bulge in his pocket.

Hsuan always seem to be in trouble.

Would you look at that! After a long and exhausting quest I finally managed to find the mythical Scroll of Swordsmanship.


Why aren't you eating vegetables?


I've got my family here with me.

How often do you go abroad?

Look at what you've done to me.

Your cooking is delicious.

There's no reason.

I love the song of the mockingbird, the bird of four hundred voices. I love the color of jade, and the enervating perfume of flowers, but most of all, I love my brother, Man.

I met him there.

If the more advanced want to improve English ability (especially reading comprehension) increasing vocabulary is the way to go.

We had some difficulty finding his house.


He is not so healthy as he used to be.

Life is pain, princess

A good doctor follows his own directions.


Ira is busy now and can't talk with you.


This farm yields enough vegetables to meet our needs.


You're not saying very much.


The secretary noted down what her boss had said.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the Sun was the eye of the god Ra.

I'm trying to stop myself but I'm not successful.

They are Japanese sumo wrestlers.

No cross, no crown.

How long have you stayed in Caracas?

Would you like to have another cup of tea?


A circus is visiting the town.

The hour-long concert at the Kennedy Center was broadcast live on TV last night.

I need a mirror to comb my hair.


Irwin is just an ordinary man.

You're making the biggest mistake of your life.

Laurianne, please just shut up.

Clifford told me why he didn't want to go.

Once a thief, always a thief.

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I gave Bernard a couple of tickets for my concert.

Phillip grabbed Judy by the neck.

Do you eat a lot?

Stagger stabbed me.

Clay bought an old house and said that he would fix it all by himself.

Doesn't it bother you?

I don't approve of them dating each other.

I belong to a tennis club.

Focus on the present.

He's my half-brother.

Bob regretted not telling Pat the truth.

Karl's office called.

Don't you have classes today?

How often do I get asked out on a date?

As a citizen of the world, I know ways of overcoming cultural barriers.


This is just a usual day in Boston.

What's your price?

I am boring.

Wolf discovered that Omar was in trouble and went to help her.

Make sure the stepladder is firm.

Esperanto is a huge expansion of my horizon.

Which shelf is it on?


What you've done is unethical.


Girls, I'm single.


I just thought I'd ask.


Something horrible is going to happen.

"Thank you for everything." "You're welcome."

If he is innocent, then his wife is guilty.

You have grains of rice stuck around your mouth.

How long have you been here?


We're going out now.

We can eliminate C and D since they are irrelevant to the generation of the arcs.

Not all scientific studies are equal.

He is addressed as "Doctor" in his laboratory.

I feel sorry for her.

Turn right.

I need to make an urgent call. Is there a public phone near here?

Naoto isn't a good person.

When it comes to sweets, I just can't control myself.

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Could you please make room for me?


Is it that hard?

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You should just leave.


The average length is seven hours and forty-five minutes, not much different from what a lot of humans need.


I wish you could go with us.

Teruyuki isn't rich.

Delbert almost always takes a bath before dinner.


I disputed with him about world peace for an hour.

There is nothing to do but apologize.

I don't have a choice.

It's time to leave off work.

The fresh strawberries went like hot cakes.

You don't seem so hungry.

He has no intention to interfere with your business.

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Kylo glanced over the paper.


Does he know how you feel?


Pierette admitted that he was scared.

He saved us all.

Once upon a time, there was a chicken with a crispbread.

My son likes outdoor sports, such as baseball, tennis and soccer.

The Italians say that translators are traitors.


Vistlik will do anything for money.

What makes you think the Middle East is more important than the Andes?

She was tired. However, she tried to finish the work.

The wind was howling.

Can't you stop them?

I study English at school.

That lady has a fan because it is hot.

The rain in Sevilla is a marvel.

We are bound to obey laws.


Your answer is wrong.

I can't get this thing to work.

I don't want to hear another peep out of you.

Gregory is amusing.

I'm feeling a bit tired.


He was happily married.

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This is where he lives.

Now go forward.

Morris said he would be at the meeting.

Izchak doesn't know if he has enough money to buy school supplies.

Hsuan says that he hasn't made up his mind yet.


I think we should really consider Suresh's proposal.

What a wonderful surprise!

The Diet is now in session.

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I need this one.

I'll stand by you no matter what happens.

Although it it does not seem that way, peaches and almonds are family.

Sometimes she goes by bus, and sometimes by car.

I don't accept any kind of comment during my class.

Sedovic returned to Boston.

Shakil got a birthday card from Kathy.


Are you watching this show?

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I'll get in trouble if I do that.

Rudy was accused of lying to the court in an effort to diminish his culpability.

I told them I wouldn't do it.

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What crime did you commit?

Let's not rush into it.

Irwin needs to get some rest.


Lincoln was elected President of the United States in 1860.


When Dwayne married Soraya, her father fell in love with and married Sridhar's daughter; so Brooke's daughter's husband is Hiroyuki's father-in-law; and Elric now claims he's his own grandfather.

Coleen has finally had enough.

We're having some equipment problems.

We received some new information.

Michel and Juliane took a selfie together.

Miriamne doesn't blame Mongo for being mad.

Do you sometimes study in the library?


If you don't find me attractive, then just say so.

Psychology, which studies the human mind and human behavior, builds knowledge by observation and experiments.

Stay and have a drink with us.

Taurus is there alone.

Why did you say that to Daniele?

Which movie did you watch today?

It was difficult to carry out the plan.

You shouldn't have backed down.

Butler remained outside.

We spoke to no purpose.

Surya caught up with the rest of the hikers.

I know how you feel about Stevan.

Have you ever heard her sing on stage?

He gave us the signal to begin.

Do you know who has the key?

Morgan hasn't watered the flowers yet.

At the end of the year, Mat sends holiday cards to his relatives.

We should tell it to them.

Maryland is the richest state in the United States.

That sounds serious.

From this moment on it is forbidden to cry.