Rhonda closed the drawer.

Are you going to town today?


They blamed Dorian for causing the accident.

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What do my hobbies bring to my life?


Joon checked out a few books from the school library a few days ago.

Sridhar grabbed his bag.

Up to now we've been taking a casual relaxed attitude toward our relationship but I want to start looking at us more critically.


Sumitro tried to convince Alastair that the plan wouldn't work.


I got it for Christmas.

As is the case with him, he reported the event.

A farewell party was held in honor of Mr. Tanaka.

Who wants to visit the Philippines? It is such a tropical paradise!

Sergei told me that wasn't true.

The man was dying.

That's all we can do.


Can you give an exact report of what happened?

I was on the alert for a fugitive criminal.

I checked my briefcase and umbrella in the cloakroom.

The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.

I'm pretty interested in it.

I'll come if you want me to.

I tried to prevent that from happening.

Nevertheless, I want to go there.

His extravagance is out of proportion to his wage.


I was hoping that you'd answer a few questions.

Ken's really a chip off the old block.

I'm not sure if I'm in love with Hwa or not.

What good is torturing Deb going to do?

My brother would often stay up all night.

Tuan would've tried to stop you.

The industrial countries must reduced pollution environment and sign Kyoto protocol.

What're you doing here?

Does that mean Rob is getting lucky tonight?

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Is there a problem with it?

I'm a masochist.

I wish I knew what to tell him.

Where do you live in the world?

It's funny you should say that.


She is in partial agreement with this decision.

If you're not prepared to take the trouble to learn how to train a dog, don't get one.

Even chocolate has vitamins.

The Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring festival or Lunar New Year.

Kristi refused our offer.

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Damn! This toaster tries to make a monkey out of me.

We'd better make some time.

Ima is named after his father.


Do unto others as you would have them do to you!


If you were to hear him speak French, you would take him for a Frenchman.

Is it really so hard to believe?

This TV supports 1080p.

He is not angry anymore.

Whatever you say will set her off crying.

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Jane's hair is always greasy and dirty.


There is nothing to prevent my going.

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The party fought their way up.

Could you get a ticket for me?

I have five copies but I need double that.

We want you to go home.

She picked a flower from the pot and gave it to me.

Clarissa plays baseball like a pro.

I'm going to stop him.

You don't need to be here today.

Sorrel? Hello? I asked you a question.


Tollefsen said Marvin was Canadian.


I bought this at the train station.


She pretended that she knew nothing about it.

I was a witness.

Because the English language has so much technical literature, it may be considered a very masculine language.


I'm always eating in restaurants, but I prefer homemade foods.

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He stood me up; I waited all evening for him!

I can't believe you didn't recognize your own brother.

Children should be allowed to be children.

"There are no cakes left?" "I ate them both..."

Steen and Vick both said no.

He will spend the next four years in the jungle, engulfed in mud and filth.

Winston could've been mistaken.

How about going out for a walk?

The French like to make fun of Belgians.

Christofer got up to open a window.

I like to be around people.

Don't start without me.

She has grieved over his loss for nearly ten years.

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This beer is brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law.

Although we had both visited Turkey more than 10 times, there is still so much to see.

Chancing upon an unusually beautiful woman one table away, Julian began to visibly shake.

I lowered my meat consumption.

Should we go?


I liked to write in Chinese.

Let me alone!

This road needs to be repaved.

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Valerie lost more than a hundred pounds.


You're in no position to tell me what to do.

The shirt she apparently seriously thought suited me I turned down and decided to accept a light blue polo shirt.

We had to remove your spleen.

I guessed that he was an ex-serviceman.

A good cook doesn't throw out yesterday's soup.

Leave the dog out for a while.

I like a good crime novel, especially procedurals.


This is a private party.

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My father is an entrepreneur.

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We express thought with language.

You have time.

I still don't have a plan.

Mr Brown is our English teacher.

What part of "Be patient" don't you understand?

Barrio scanned the paperwork.

Mother bought me a new bicycle.

Surely he can not enter a second time into his mother's womb to be born!

Almost all parents see to the education of their children.

I'm going to get myself some coffee. Do you want some?

George was waiting at the gate.

Maria went to the window and opened the curtains.

It'll rain in the afternoon.


We've known each other for three years.

They did not sit on the beach.

She received an ad for penis enlargement in her inbox.

Don't let him hit you.

Have you decided what you're going to do?

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We chaired the meeting democratically.

I found the key that I was looking for.

Valerie shouldn't eat peanuts.

I just bought it last week.

Write a paragraph by using adjectives to describe the person's appearance.


I remember Lou quite well.

I'm getting too old for this.

I like to answer this kind of question.

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Please come over for lunch the day after tomorrow.

I just got the news.

She hung the picture upside down.


In the carriage sat a gentleman, not attractive, but also not unattractive, not too fat nor too thin; one could not call him old, but he also was not too young.

Do you know how to make cheesecake?

We ordered the meal.


I am very scared.


However, the close-ups were excellent.


They would ask you about the party.

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I only heard about it myself just this morning.

They made up their minds to go by car in spite of bad weather.

They're still around.

We have the same problem.

If he were here, he would visit us.

Dwight was only trying to help.

This is too easy, I guess.


My birthday falls on Friday this year.


The soldier carried on as if his wound was nothing.

You don't practice what you preach.

I cannot read the thick book in a week.

Everyone in Cuba likes it.

I'll just help you get started.

I have to let you go.

What does she do in the evening?


The baby cried himself to sleep.

I guess you want me to leave.

I've a patient. See you.

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I'm a pretty good swimmer.

What do you usually eat with red wine?

I bought new shoes at the shoe store.

Holly wants to buy an eight-track player to put in the car his grandmother gave him.

She showed me the snaps which she had taken during her journey.


All of a sudden they stopped talking.