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Tennesee State Museum Opening
Newsletters / October 31, 2018

In the October issue of Cultural News, we cover the new Tennesse State Museum, which opened to the public on October 4th, and includes state-of-art exhibits, back-of-house spaces, classrooms, digital theater, and prime rental facilities. Lord Cultural Resources developed the Master Plan upon which the new Museum is built. Read the full issue below.

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Heidelberg project
News / October 30, 2018
Lord to work for the Heidelberg Project

We are so proud to be working for and with 2487940612, this is the world famous art project that memorializes and activates a Detroit neighborhood through 32 years of consistent leadership by renowned artist Terry Guyton. Joy Bailey-Bryant leads a visioning workshop. Here too is the iconic dotty house.

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Fire at Museu Nacional
News / September 13, 2018
Cultural News - Special Edition: National Museum of Brazil Fire

On September 2, 2018 a massive fire broke out in Brazil, consuming the 200-year-old National Museum of Brazil. This Special Edition of Cultural News is a curated collection of stories about this devastating event and its implications to the field. 

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Strategic Planning Workbook
Tools / September 5, 2018

Action planning can be the most difficult part of the strategic planning process. That’s why we have designed the Strategic Planning Workbook to give you and your staff a guide to helping ensure your goals become reality. Download this excel template and put your plans into action!

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Tools / August 15, 2018

Museums today are transitioning from a hard power past to a soft power future. This webinar defines terms like hard power, cultural diplomacy and soft power in the context of museum planning and programming. Through the use of relevant examples Gail Lord demonstrates how museums around the world are utilizing their soft power to influence opinion leaders and improve communities.

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Museums and Galleries

We work with you through visioning, planning, and implementation phases to create new cultural landmarks, weaving presence into the surrounding community.

Cities and Placemaking

We help cities build cultural spaces that draw on existing strengths and assets, allowing you to develop local geography, architecture, and artistic talent into a cultural tourist destination. 

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Gardens & Parks

Lord Cultural Resources has been a partner in planning and executing many parks and conservancies, botanical gardens, horticultural displays, living collection, and other nature-based cultural initiatives. 

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Heritage and Historic Sites

We approach each heritage and history project with fresh eyes, developing and executing plans that are uniquely tailored to the stories that each site has to tell.

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Science Centres

We help plan and create science museums with unique presence and style. We believe in drawing on local culture and context to provide visitors with meaningful, science-rich experiences that inspire and delight.

Archives and Libraries

We have extensive experience developing and renewing archives and libraries, transforming them into dynamic, engaging spaces and broadening their potential audiences.

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Expos, Festivals and Events

We help design ground-breaking expositions and festivals that show off a locale’s individual identity and reputation to the world. We can assist with master planning, exhibitions, design, programming, and long-term tourism development.

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Architects, Developers and Designers

When projects involve multiple creative partners, we foster collaboration and synergy to take projects further. One shared success always leads to more.

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Some of our most interesting and exciting jobs don’t fit standard categories. If your vision involves ideas not described on this site, or concepts that nobody has attempted before, we are intrigued! And we want to hear from you. Our experience and discipline, far from limiting a blue-sky project, make it much more likely to succeed.

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The Manual of Digital Museum Planning
Manual of Digital Museum Planning
Edited by Ali Hossaini and Ngaire Blankenberg with Gail Lord and Barry Lord
The Manual of Strategic Planning for Cultural Organizations
The Manual of Strategic Planning for Cultural Organizations
By Gail Dexter Lord and Kate Markert
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Cities, Museums and Soft Power
Cities, Museums and Soft Power
By Gail Lord and Ngaire Blankenberg
(928) 718-0834