Monty was arrested and immediately taken to headquarters.

Tell your friends about Tatoeba.

A lot of folks find cars interesting, but I'm not interested in them at all.

They wanted no further spread of slavery.

I want it all.

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Every man for himself.


The other day he said to me, "I will lend you this book tomorrow."


Give me your keys.

Am I annoying you?

Gene was in no particular hurry.

He always ate fruit for dessert.

Drew didn't tell Ragnar he had been married before.

Is living the goal of life?

Srivatsan had a near death experience last summer.


I always get an A in math.


It was terrifying.

Your behaviour is intolerable.

Jones didn't mean to cause Fay any trouble.


It's too late. I'll see you home.

How do you prefer to cook trout?

I feel sorry for you.


I wanted to know where the voice was coming from.

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Cats can see things even when it's dark.

Mr White wanted to help them.

Brender is a compulsive gambler.

Is the richest country in the European Union richer than the richest state in the United States?

I believe it to be he.


Is it really you?


No other mountain in Japan is higher than Mt. Fuji.


Are you coming or not?

I like singing in the rain.

Kitty knew that Claire wanted him to help her.

It is a nice initiative.

That boy dug a grave for his dead animal.

This game is fixed.

She plays poker with them.

During the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, the height of the tsunami waves reached up to 37.9 meters.

The graduation from elementary school to middle school is regarded by some as the first step towards adulthood.


French is definitely not the easiest language to learn.

I'm so worn out.

I'm not going to explain it to you.

Jisheng's sentences are correct and easy to understand.

Why do you think Cathrin wanted to commit suicide?

I must admit I wasn't expecting this.

I don't want to play checkers.

He lost his reason when he saw his house burned down.

I want to sleep a little more.

Beth is hiding something from me.

The majority of people marry sooner or later.


They're probably scared.

Srinivasan has recently lost his job.

People waited for buses.


When Kate played a minor part in a movie, her acting was criticized.


Skiing in fresh snow is a lot of fun.

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They all turned to look at him.


Is The with us?

I love this picture.

Are you sure about this, Christophe?

As for today, I went out with my friends.

We've been searching for you for days.

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I need to know that Bonnie is happy.

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Let's get to the library before it closes.

As soon as I get up, I fix the coffee.

He was beside himself with excitement.


Miss Thomas teaches us history.

I know I should stay and help.

Do you have any idea what this is?


We never forget.


Maurice is wearing the tie I gave him.

I know that it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to convince you that you're wrong.

Tomorrow is a long-awaited payday!

You eat such unpleasant tasting things often. Your palate is strange, isn't it?

You must allow us to finish.

There were flocks of people on the beach.

Steven refused to admit that what he'd done was wrong.

His second son married and settled down.

The queen shook hands with each player after the game.


We've got some more work to do.


I spent the weekend writhing in agony when my gallstone started to move.

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Kirsten doesn't need a haircut.

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You should return home before it gets dark.

Organic vegetables are popular because they're safe and tasty.

I wouldn't want to disappoint you.

I hope Dave comes to my party.

Do not forget that I am a man.


I need to know what you saw that night.

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Can I give you a hand with that?

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We're the Jacksons.


I visited Dimetry in Boston three years ago.


Intelligence is our ability to begin understanding (or adapting to) new information, regardless of past familiarity.

By studying overseas, students can come into contact with other manners and customs.

Under no circumstances will I ever consent to such a travesty.

It's better not to go there alone.

The deadline was yesterday.

Timo started running up the hill.

Jay wondered what he should do next.

I'd just like to know what you knew and when you knew it.

I'm really into football.

Damon is a complete loser.

I'll prepare some food.

He was eager to display his new bicycle to his friends.

Jennie isn't getting away with it.

I'll handle this.

Mohamed Dib is an Algerian author.

I have to go through the task by tomorrow.

I have poor eyesight.

After reading Ranjit's forum post, Spy resisted the impulse to post a crude reply.

I thought you didn't want to talk about this now.

The real heroes are us.

I don't know what to do either.

I forgot to pay the rent.

My plan was rejected.

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The teacher answers every question we ask.

Tovah can speak neither French nor English.

Set Kari free.


Is that your ex-wife?

He's coming to my country.

The game is fun.

Maybe you could talk to them.

Bruce and I are childhood friends.


What is your opinion on the matter?


Lloyd was on the list.


He rapidly ascended to the top.

This isn't the best one we have.

My icon photo is a bit of a neighbor's roof as seen from my bedroom window.

The nurse gave her a flu shot.

This could be your big moment.


Ken stayed strong.


Its working properly here but not up there.

We have to stand up for minority rights.

He cheated her into believing it was true.


When he opens a magazine, he will usually read his horoscope first.

I accept gifts.

It's too late to apologize now.

The trash can was empty.

Vijay is fine for the moment.

Marie accused him of having stolen the bike.

I'm sure you can figure it out.

It costs more to make a penny, than a penny is worth.

Fear left, hope came, and then the first real improvements began creeping in.

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Jayant showed Caroline a black and white photo of his grandparents.

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Did you enjoy your winter holidays?

You have no right to do that.

It's Mt. Rushmore.

I don't want to impose.

This problem can't be solved with conventional methods.


I spoke with Sylvan's assistant.

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Collective rules are not set straightaway but progressively win recognition.

The dentist pulled out her bad tooth.

Have you been drinking a lot lately?

I'm really hungry, but I can't decide what I want to eat.

They can't be identified yet.

"Do you like costumes?" "I love costumes!"

I don't have a lot of work, but it's enough to keep me in the office this week.


Rick is worried about what Alexander will do.