You have to turn words into deeds.

That sounds funny to me.

Maria cut the tape.

I'm not afraid of him anymore.


I don't want to be late today.

I've been all over.

Don't worry. We'll get the money.

What's the best way to lose weight?

Julie didn't seem convinced.

We've been down this road.

If it does not rain.

Give me a chance to make you proud of me.

Jarvis, why don't you help your brother?

Grandma likes watching TV.

She is more human in thinking than you.


I could go for a nice hot pizza right now.

My father made me a delicious lunch.

I'm wondering what to cook for dinner.

The present writer doesn't like such a tendency.

This question is easy to answer.


That's why I don't travel so much.


What was your mother doing when you got home?

I never claimed that I could speak French.

We had a party outside.

I thought I was your best friend.

Jagath was my best friend.

Dorothy is wearing a black leotard.

I will explain it to her.


Hand it to me.

I think that's Cathryn over there.

Pepperberg hoped that a similar system would help Alex grasp the meaning of words, not just their sounds.

Kory met Louiqa while on holiday in Turkey.

You must be disappointed.


I'm surprised Norbert isn't here.


What kind of tattoo do you want to get?

The house deprived us of light.

I'm not easygoing.


As I entered the tearoom I found two young men watching a wrestling match on television.

They were anxious I would help them.

I didn't say I couldn't find it.

They cut out a path through the jungle.

Capitalists assume people are competitive in nature.

Whenever Bert did poorly, his father would exclaim that it was an embarrassment to the family.

I've seen Hsuan play guitar with his band.

It took a lot longer than I thought it would take.

She lost Jill.


My bedroom is smaller than Claude's.


Eddie wasn't happy to see them.

Do you have a table in the patio?

Those rules fostered discontent among students.

Did you like your first class?

Add the pasta to the boiling water.

I thought I told you not to come here.

Don't get an upset stomach by eating too much.

I'm going with you to Hanover.

Mr Brown is looked up to by all the students.

He was obviously drunk.

Your attendance will affect your final grade.

Those are unacceptable.

The song played by that blind pianist really moved me.

Even if she's a prostitute which falls in love, her love is a pure and noble feeling.

They'll be ready for that.

Nobody else believes Dewey is still alive.

That terrifies you, doesn't it?


Bert wants someone to close the window.


There's no one to look after her.


But the young ones did not listen to their mother, and, playing about the garden one day, they strayed close up to the castle windows.


You have to hurry if you want to go with them.

I'd think that you would be thrilled.

He was very tall, so I recognized him at once.


The next holiday falls on a Sunday.


My husband was killed.

Why would I be mad?

You shouldn't be jealous.

Bart is the one who bandaged Jenine's arm.

The movie was really good.

I ate a little too much yesterday.

She spent the weekend by herself.

No one can control him.

It feels pretty good.

You'll need an Allen key to open it.

Esperanto grammar is very simple.


He is difficult to get along with.

You've been the best dog one could desire!

Pia knows what I do for a living.

Ravens are said to live much longer than humans.

When using this information, I will follow any conditions you specify, whether that's anonymity or giving detailed reference.

I major in economics.

My father doesn't care about money at all.


I want to use this.

I like your friends.

We must find a more efficient method.

The interview went off so well that he got the job.

Suddenly we heard the shrill meow of a cat.

What time did you get in?

I'll deliver it as soon as I can.


Tie your shoes.

Pay attention to this problem.

I do not mind what you do.

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I hate crowds.

That depresses me.

If you go out, I won't let you come in again.

Doyle heard a noise behind him and turned around to see what it was.

You're supposed to knock before you enter someone's office.

You must be punished for what you've done.

I really want you near me.

How do you bring up your children?

Gideon loves all of you.

Caroline looked furious.

I cannot tell how this is done.

Are you willing to help Johnny?

Margaret should ask Kathy how to do it.


What kind of women's attire does Jem like?

He went out, yielding to a sudden impulse.

Vince went haywire.


My suitcase is broken.


That country has a severe climate.

My father reproached me for my rudeness.

We got the tree up.

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It told Lucius that I was happy.


Chet is sitting up.

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I had to leave Boston.

What are you selling?

Do I have to change planes in London?


I will go along with you as far as the station.


Can I ask for an elucidation?

I don't think there is any way I can do that.

How did Clyde manage to get away?

The children on the beach are building a sand castle.

For a person who is in good physical condition, climbing mountains is a cinch.

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Approximately 80% of landmine casualties are civilian.


I was young and stupid.

This desk is too small for Meg.

Put your hands flat on the table.

You're seriously going to eat this?

When it comes to good quality wine, no country can rival France.

I didn't know that Robbin spoke French.

I think that's a stupid idea.

I keep in touch with my parents by mail.

Unfortunately, I don't believe she'll succeed.


I think Omar might have fallen asleep at my party last night.

At the top, there was a clump of trees.

The role of the placenta is to nourish the foetus.

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I believe that's possible.

She was trained as a singer.

Shai double-checked his bank balance before writing the cheque.

How many times have you done that?

Betty usually gets what she wants.

We are supposed to hand in our papers by today.

Amos can dance well.


The phone rang, but I didn't answer.

Trying wondered if he had enough firewood to make it through the winter.

I never knew it was there.

Riding across Montana, the cowboy said, had left his horse plumb worn out.

Russell died Monday.

I want to find my energetic, fearless brother.

She wears the trousers in that house.


This passport is valid for five years.

Let's put in a lot of time on that project.

The howls grew louder and louder.

I'll go and see them myself.

They're ignoring us.

How badly was Larry hurt?

Root doesn't have flood insurance.

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You were experimenting with three elements as I remember.