How could Luis be late for work?

King brushed her horse.


I hope he will succeed in his new position.

It was not until I visited Australia that I realized how small Japan was.

Although the two boys disliked the partner of each other the beginning, they became good friends soon.

Dozens of letters are awaiting you.

Written as it is in plain English, the book is suitable for beginners.


I dated Lowell for a while.

We couldn't go out because of the storm.

It then became necessary to settle the best route for the line to follow; and that was determined, in the first place, by the shape of the land it had to cross.

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He was right to keep silent.

What're you doing in my room?

Is there anyone else?

You're fabulous.

Tiefenthal was dressed in black and wore a black ski mask.

Jitendra ran back upstairs.

They have authority in Europe.


Why don't atheists believe in God?

Don't read too much into it.

Whenever come, I'll play go with you.


Take the battery off the machine.


"What are you laughing at?" "Your face."

The man is writing in the notebook.

I'd trust Jess with my life.

I should have come earlier.

You can also use the Ctrl+Alt+R keyboard shortcut.

I have only one sibling.

Never did I dream of hearing from Brandon.


How long had you been waiting when we arrived?

He is angry with me.

Listen, you don't have to do this, all right ?!

What is your favorite vegetable?

We should try it.


We would like to leave.

I have something I want to say first.

Pravin was hungry.


Edmund volunteered to wash the dishes.

How much are the oranges?

I am still a bit sore after my operation.


All students of English should have a good English-English dictionary at hand.

Tuna didn't try hard enough.

I never drink water. You never know, foxes might have peed in it.


All you need is to get a driver's license.


I persuaded him that he should try again.


I thought you trusted me.

My father charged me with the duty of taking care of my sister.

I would've taken care of him.

It's been a long time since I've thought about Win.

Bottoms up!


There are many people that like Japanese animation in Latin America.


Can I see you in my office?

You're Hon, aren't you?

I've never seen such a giant watermelon!

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We were held up for half an hour in the traffic and so we arrived late.


Nichael didn't have Jim's address with her.


So the doctor started to examine her.

We need to know what's causing this.

he acceded to my request in short

Ken sat next to me.

Swiss chard is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and dietary fibre.

He's quite the talker.

She got up at seven in the morning.


That's no way to speak to your parents!

Dorian has been staying with us for the past three days.

This is good occasion to contact him.

That's not a real diamond, is it?

After dinner, I take a walk on the beach.

We haven't found the gun yet.

Tell them to be here by 2:30.


To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty; to interpret it his problem; and to express it his dedication.

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Pantelis is currently serving a three-year sentence.


Thanks to his efforts, it was more successful than we had expected.


There are about 1 million millionaires in Germany.

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When I called on him, he was hard at work.

Hanako called his bluff.

I think she's hiding something from me.

It's about 133 kilometers from London.

Guillermo has been found guilty.

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They did not have permanent homes, so they did not plant crops for food.

I had gone there.

Mr Joel is now on duty.


Kemal tried to sell his old VCR instead of throwing it away, but no one would buy it, so he ended up throwing it away.

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I decided to try to learn Esperanto, just to make a new experience.

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Shouldn't we slow down?

You call that dancing?!

Is it a date?

He ogled a girl outside a pub.

Jesse couldn't have been more helpful.

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I never said that to Cris.

Hasn't Rita's aunt prayed?

Even the best-laid plans can go bust.

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He wasn't so stupid that he talked about that in her presence.

Be careful. You're going to stir up a hornet's nest.

Spellchecking will usually catch most of your typos.

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He asked his teacher for advice.

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Now the story is over.


I was too small.

Why don't you help them?

Clyde does this six days a week.

Greg is trying his best.

She choked her utterance with sobs.


What an irrelevant question!

Price would never allow that.

He called up his uncle as soon as he got to Matsuyama.

I am a free woman anywhere, whereas you, wherever you may be, even in the highest place, are slaves.

I had a good dinner at his expense.

All that junk is not going to put you out of the mess.

They were a beautiful family.

They moved on Mexico City, the capital.

What do you think about global warming?

I'm a poor carpenter.

You are John.

I'm related to Simon.

Mormon missionaries work in pairs.

His love was passionate and pure.

None of them have a job.


You've got mail.

You can't make everyone happy all the time.

I need a tissue.


The tower is three hundred and twenty-one meters high.

I spent the morning trying to figure out what to do.

You have to help me reason with Marilyn.


The stirrup is a bone in the middle ear, between the anvil and the inner ear.

Mr. Hawk is a kind gentleman.

She is given to drinking rather heavily.

I'm the one that convinced Herbert to join the army.

She likes the light green bra.


Is there a clock in either room?


The boy is clinging to his mother.

I'd like to go abroad someday.

You are rich indeed, but I doubt that you are happy.

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Shall I come next Sunday?


We've recently put a new roof on our house.

The didn't really mean what he said, did he?

To be an astronomer, you have to study, but to be an astrologer, it is sufficient to be a loser and a big liar.

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Eli often goes to Boston on business.

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Switzerland.

You'll be quite safe here.

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They simply can't just take the risk.


Ernst asked Jelske to say a few words.

Isn't it gorgeous?

These books are accessible to all members.

The party's candidate began to sag in the polls.

This report is not perfect.


I'd like to speak to her.

Would you mind making me a sandwich?

I have to wake her up soon.

You're a doctor.

I like a basic breakfast - miso soup and rice.

Does anyone here remember how to do this?

One of those people might be Doug.

Have you got any preference between beef and lamb?

We won't swim.


Do you want Cole to help?