Which are Taro's?

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Lack of oxygen is fatal to most animals.

Something is missing.

How about playing tennis?

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I told you to stay put.

She's spending too much time on the computer.

We must be imagining things.


Gail knows how to play poker.

Carter looked as if he'd seen a ghost.

I was born on January 22, 1933.

Introduce me to your friend over there.

Even I don't like to fight.

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We're not trying to impress them.

Charge this bill to me.

Revelation cannot be applied to the relating of facts by the persons who saw them done, nor to the relating or recording of any discourse or conversation by those who heard it.

Mike eats out almost every night.

I had forgotten all about today's meeting. I'm glad you reminded me.

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Mick was half asleep.


He makes it a rule to wear glasses when he reads a newspaper.

She ate just as much meat as her father.

He practices playing the guitar far into the night.

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Five multiplies two equals ten.

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Sometimes a ladder is a sign of bad luck.

See you in three months.

Dan was only six years old when he was abducted.


Stay away from there.

I find swimming fun.

Hello. Fancy meeting you here.

He loves a banquet, provided he is not expected to make a speech.

Noemi often stays out late.


I got sick riding the roller coaster with the loop-the-loop.

I think Joe is irresponsible.

I couldn't sit through it.

I mock it.

The customer's always right, even when they're not.

Let's figure out the cost of the trip.

We're not scared of anybody.

Anyone can do it as long as they try.

I just don't know what to say.

It is very nice of you to help me with my homework.

The old man started to laugh sadly.

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I'm going to bring Marie back here.

Even though Bucky didn't win the race, he doesn't seem too disappointed.

Since you have already also become an adult, you must become independent economically from your parents.

Of children we demand that they tell the truth, but why exactly of children?

I don't want to do it again.

She paged through the magazine.

I'll be able to see him next year.

I unfortunately did not have another choice.

Clyde makes furniture.

They should be scared.

The baby held out his tiny hand.

You should let the wine breathe for a few minutes before drinking it.

The minister listened to her profession of Christianity.

We'll get you squared away.

The meeting was interrupted.

Our train leaves at eight-thirty.

May the blessing of God be upon them.

My parents are going to buy a new CD.

Is there a company board?

She has waited her whole life for this very moment.

He is a famous detective and my friend.


Now it's the real thing.

I'm not worried about you.

Alex drinks beer every day.

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I had things I had to deal with.

The teacher pointed out your mistakes.

This never happened to me before.

They are substituting word processors for typewriters.

Galen became quite upset.


Les pulled something out of his pocket.

I'm afraid she may have the mumps.

Tim told Shannon she was beautiful.

I'm not a quitter.

She is no longer welcome here.

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I did not study both of the languages.

Hirofumi, help me. The zipper's stuck.

I'm not wearing a wig.

White makes the room look bigger.

He was naturally very angry.

Cheese can easily be cut with a knife

Answer the question, Murray.


Our boss made us work overtime yesterday.

I was convinced by his explanation.

You're joking, aren't you?

What do you call them?

Omar avoided places where people smoked.

Supplies of food were low and we had to ration out the little that was left.

I assume you're not interested in going with us.

Tanya is probably angry.

My friends betrayed me.

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I intend to listen to it tonight.

Tarmi is a lawyer and a very good one, too.

That's the way it goes.

Why do we stroke cats, but pat dogs?

She begged me to come.


They set up a fund to support the victims.

All of you behave similarly.

She mended her socks.

They are always at each other's throats.

I tried to warn him.


Why are people so mean to me?

I always wonder what happened to him.

Long live the Soviet Union!


Emma has been waiting for you all morning.

He's young and single.

I figured you'd understand.

Don't let Lonhyn down.

You're not obligated to answer that question.


Who are those three women?

The duke swore loyalty to his liege, but betrayed her at the first chance.

I saved for future needs a little money as our marriage fund.

They're horrible.

That's why ostrich meat costs more than twice as much as beef and pork.

How can we get in?

Judges often use gavels.


The bag was too heavy for me to carry by myself.

Yesterday was Saturday.

You had best go home early.

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Rafael sneaked up behind Irwin.


Now that she has quit her job, we can't depend on her.


Be careful handling matches!

What could I do?

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Anderson doesn't seem so busy.

Does Jones want me to go with him?

A vacation will do you lots of good.

When I was a child, I would often visit him on Sunday.

Davis did not want civil war.

Paula picked an apple from the tree and handed it to me.

I made a mistake while looking.

It must be them.

Mariou doesn't like working here.

Skateboarding is dangerous.

I have a date tonight.

Would you like a cup of tea?

I'm a cocaine addict.


Can Emil see us?

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They communicated with the Western countries.

"Hello." "..." "Are you on guard duty again today?" "Yes." "You don't talk much, right?" "No. ...Listen, I am a samurai. People expect noble reservation and iron self-discipline of me. That just leaves no room for small talk..."

They want the best.

They are in for trouble.

I may be overthinking this.


Most of the time I don't have much fun. The rest of the time I don't have any fun at all.

I'm fed up!

It doesn't ease my mind.


If she studied hard, she could pass the exam.

If you want to ask a question, please put your hand up.

I went through my money in a very short time.

Our goal is to own a home before we are thirty.

She was the most beautiful girl on the beach.


Sherri would like you to stop by his office.


Right. So you had three months.

Giovanni was injured in an accident.

My answer is yes.

Peggy knew you'd try to convince him not to go.

Norman gave Sri a threatening look.


Leigh is bound to notice your mistake.

That's something I've always wanted.

I told the dog to stay.

Correct the mistakes, if there are any.

It was a good experience.

You'll be the first to know, I promise.

I should be thanking Holly.

Human beings were created in God's image.

The boy came back to life.