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If the first big snowstorm of the year had you dreading the next few months, we get it. Winter sucks. But just because the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping fast doesn’t mean you have to fear 2019. After all, it’s ski season!  And with all the Black Friday sales going on, now is the time to get yourself geared up for the cold weather. That means fleece—lots and lots of fleece. Right now, Backcountry has tons of fleece gear on sale. From hoodies and pullovers to gloves, pants, and jackets, everything is marked down—some by as much as 55 percent off. And we’re not talking about bargain-bin merchandise; names like The North Face, Burton, Volcom, and RVCA are all marked down. It gets better. Before November 1, enter the code TAKE20NOVEMBER at checkout, and take an extra 20 percent off any full-priced item—including snowboards! And as […]


A quarter of women are affected by FSD at some point in their lives. Find out the facts now! Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) disorder covers four conditions: lack of sensitivity or ability to be aroused, called female sexual arousal disorder; inability to have an orgasm, known as female orgasmic disorder; and pain during sex (which may be due to vulvodynia, endometriosis, or cystitis). It afflicts up to a quarter of women at some point in their lives. The inability to climax can lead to a build-up of blood around the womb, heavy bleeding and even back pain. If you have trouble becoming aroused, find sex painful and don’t lubricate, then speak to your doctor for diagnosis and advice. See what Dr Charmaine Saunders says about sexual dysfunction in men and find out the health benefits of sex. The post What is Female Sexual Dysfunction? appeared first on Women's Health and […]

If you plan on organizing a baby shower for your friend or a close relative then here are few things you need to keep in mind: Keep a Checklist Unlike other surprise parties baby shower requires a lot of creativity. In order to make it interesting you will have to come up with unique games that will keep the guests entertained. You will also have to order food according to the theme for example you will have to colour code the cupcakes if it’s a boy you could go for blue cupcakes whereas if it’s a girl you could have a pink theme. In order to ensure that you don’t miss any of these it is better to keep a checklist so you will not have to panic the last moment. Keep It Low Parties like baby shower should be kept as a surprise to the new mother to truly […]

CSS Frameworks Or CSS Grid: What Should I Use For My Project? CSS Frameworks Or CSS Grid: What Should I Use For My Project? Rachel Andrew 2018-11-09T12:30:30+02:00 2018-11-09T17:55:33+00:00 Among the questions I am most frequently asked is some variety of the question, “Should I use CSS Grid or Bootstrap?” In this article, I will take a look at that question. You will discover that the reasons for using frameworks are varied, and not simply centered around use of the grid system contained in that framework. I hope that by unpacking these reasons, I can help you to make your own decision, in terms of what is best for the sites and applications that you are working on, and also for the team you work with. In this article when I talk about a framework, I’m describing a third party CSS framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation. You might argue these […]

BILLINGSGATE POST: Like a cheap bordello tart attempting to seduce a penniless sailor, Wile E Mueller was trying to reconcile his record of never defeating the Trump Runner in their battle for supremacy. In the Looking Glass war that cast these unli… Source link

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