For your monthly and annual book-keeping records

MyWorkpapers is a tool to structure and systemise the way you reconcile and collaborate on your financial records, be it monthly or annual, no matter what the size of your business is.

Simple. Intelligent. Flexible. Collaborative. Organised.

For business owners

How does it work?

You need to check and manage your numbers and business better but you need a simple tool to give you the process or structure to help you.

MyWorkpapers gives you a structure and way to systemise the way you do your monthly or quarterly or annual financials and it pulls data simply by integrating with your bookkeeping software. You can then:

  • Snaphot your financial reports – be it monthly or other
  • Highlight numbers that don’t look right
  • Annotate notes and queries for your team, your book-keeper, or accountant
  • Add, or get your team to add, supporting documents to verify the numbers
  • Record adjustments that can been turned into journals or edits in your bookkeeping system
  • Create and document tasks and processes, weekly, monthly or otherwise, and assign these to team members or you!
  • Reduce emails
  • Reconcile your numbers so year-end is a breeze

We help you measure so you can manage your business.

  • Intuitive and Easy

    When you log in you start generating Workpaper Files for the periods you are about to work on. You then start checking the numbers and making notes, sending queries. And start building up processes to systemise the way you do your bookkeeping and running of your business.

    You can import directly from your accounting package*. You can compile, manage and store all of your Workpaper Files online – accessible anywhere, anytime!

    Why don’t you link your accountant to check or access your records or ask that query. Also store any documents that you need to keep for tax purposes.

    Systemise your accounting records now!

    * we have integration now with Xero, Quickbooks online and Kashlow. MYOB coming soon.
  • Upload Excel, Word, PDF documents

    Upload any Word, Excel or PDF files quickly and easily through our drag and drop feature or Permanent Files area. You can also share documents with your accountant from here.

  • Integration, not irritation

    Check your numbers! MyWorkpapers will help you make sure the processing has been done right and amounts coded correctly to the right accounts. Make sure your financials are right! And make sound business decisions with relevant and reliable financial information.

    We integrate with accounting systems to save you time, eliminate errors and to simplify your financial life.

    Financial information flows to MyWorkpapers from your book-keeping system seamlessly, and in real time, ensuring both your information is accurate, up to date and reliable.

  • Simple, but intelligent content

    No need to click through a dozen menus to find the function you are after – they are all on the one page for you!

    Compare the last three months for reasonableness and see how you're tracking, or compare them against budget. Make notes, identify the issues and send queries within MyWorkpapers. Ask for supporting information to those queries. If necessary, create a workpaper and adjustment note.

For accountants

Comprehensive Workpaper file management – periodic or yearly

All the benefits of the Business Edition and more. MyWorkpapers is a tool to help you build, and retrain, the monthly relationship with your client. And add value. Not only help them with the numbers but help them systemise their business with processes and tasks. Save these as templates and apply to other clients. MyWorkpapers is a tool that will help you systemise the way you deal and collaborate with your monthly clients.

Our Year-End features give you a tool to:

  • Import, by our integration, financial reports from the clients bookkeeping system, including Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet
  • Immediately see ‘Net Movements’ or ‘Variances’ in the Trial Balance
  • Use Net Movements report to bring the current year into your Accounting Practice Software
  • Create workpapers directly from the numbers, in any of the reports
  • Intelligently builds the Workpaper Index
  • Capture and annotate adjusting journals and see the impact immediately, before pushing them to your Practice software or the client's bookkeeping software.
  • Drag and drop supporting documents
  • Use template reconciliation forms (use and edit ours or use your own)
  • Apply year end Checklists
  • Create tasks for the client engagement and save as template for other clients.
  • Capture and collaborate on queries – both with your team and the client
  • Reduce paper exchange between firm and client

Systemise the way you work with your clients, and on your client work!

  • Communicate and collaborate with your client

    Have visibility and transparency over the MyWorkpapers Business Edition that your client is using, or work with them each month to create Workpaper Files.

    Gone are the days of emailing queries and documents. Send queries, share files, and communicate seamlessly thru MyWorkpapers.

    Business owners, accountants and staff alike can effortlessly collaborate on Workpaper Files – driving efficiencies and processes not only in your accounting practice but in the way you deal with you clients monthly. Build and retain the relationship with your client.

  • Secure online client management

    The Accountants version has a ‘My Clients and Organisations’ portal to access their records and see any comunications / queries from them.

    Ditch the complex Windows folder structures and never lose a client file again with the MyWorkpapers directory.

    Quickly search for clients and access their MyWorkpaper Files.

Benefits to your practice

  • Get the relationship back, and add value to your client’s business.
  • Accurate bookkeeping and reports
  • Set tasks and processes.
  • Reconcile, manage queries, store documents, and collaborate on the numbers.
  • Save time and cost
  • Reduce risk of non-compliance
  • Collaboration - effectively manage queries between your teams and the client (and their team)
  • Systemise the way you do your monthly work with clients
  • Improve quality assurance
  • Seamless Dataflow