As was expected, he succeeded in winning the prize.

The solution of the problem took me five minutes.

I could never hurt them.

You haven't answered my question.

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Toufic is reading a newspaper.


She had an air conditioner installed in her house.

I want to eat breakfast outside.

That day was perhaps the first time I'd wondered if I hadn't made a wrong turn on the road of life.

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Would it be better if numbers were completely arbitrary and had no emotional associations?

I'm kind of busy right now.

I hope you and Sandeep will like it here.

You're not wearing that to the party, are you?

Sergeant ran home as fast as he could.


I miss my mom.

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Ning and Cris have a son.

I'm telling the truth now.

Her heart flowed with gratitude.

I can't make out what he wants.

I don't hate Werner exactly.

I think it might help if you'd talk to Eddie yourself.

The lost boy held out until the rescue team came.

Why do you sniff things you see on the ground?

It's a fucking mess.

We can't stay in here very long.

Moore buttoned up his shirt.

I'm going to kill you for wasting my time.

Lynnette won the Eurovision Song Contest.


He ordered the dog to sit.


We've already sent for them.

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I want Gideon to keep doing just what he's been doing.

Her beauty was blemished by the scar.

They looked on me as their leader.

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"Are you making fun of me?" "No, I'm not."

You may have whatever book you want to read.

Thanks for taking me fishing.

That's all I have to say.

Despite her flaws, I'm fond of her.


It's totally wrong.


I suppose you want to ask me where I was yesterday afternoon.

You are very fond of the lunch menu of this restaurant.

I hate rain, but I love its smell.

I'm also a Jew.

The whale is well known to be the largest mammal.

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This is very surprising.

You look good without your glasses.

Sue and I have always got on well.

This book is a must for every student studying English.

He's annoyed because she always gets there late.

Our work is almost over.

It's already a nice sum of money.

Should anything happen in my absence, ask him for help.

You have only to study hard, and you will pass the test.

If you throw trash on the road, you have to pay a fine of up to 500 dollars.

I had to go home and change.


Dutch people can speak many languages.

Hurf accidentally put Cathryn's mobile phone through the wash.

I want to work in Boston.


I understand the premise.

Am I the only one here?

I don't know what Sugih wants to do.

I hate politics.

Don't leave valuables in your vehicle.

Tell Bruce to stop worrying.

Unfortunately, the soup is only warm.

Would you have dinner with me tonight?

No one can avert death.

Bach's Invention No. 8 in F major is well-known.

I didn't do anything with Srikanth.

This website is useless.

The settlement is a matter of time.

I met her late that evening.

Cathryn said he thought we shouldn't go to Ramiro's party.


I want you to join us.

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Every "why" has its "because".

The cog-wheels are in gear.

Harris stopped typing.

Tell Shean to do what needs to be done.

This is the tallest tree I have ever seen.


Is light a wave or a particle?

He must be somewhere about.

I need to take Elliott to the hospital.


I borrowed money from them.

She is buying food.

Del doesn't have enough money to buy everything he needs.

I don't doubt but that he will come.

We're ready to go if you are.

The clock is above the fireplace.

There was a high wall about the garden.

Would you please boil an egg for me?

Why don't you give your wife a little thanks?

I barely caught the train.

I'm glad things worked out for you.


Vikings didn't really wear horned helmets.

Sharan was really glad to hear that Amigo wanted to come to his party.

I study at a university.


Ask Jeanne if he plans to be here on Monday.

They are in need of volunteers.

I think you'd better go on a diet.

They paid their compliment to me.

That was devastating.

Nobuhiko Takada lost to Hikson Grasy.

Theo helped Christina clean the bathtub.


The rain was beneficial.

It's a bit too complicated for me.

They are looking to you for help.

And how do you like this work?

Christofer watered the garden.

Despite his riches, he's not contented.

That medicine helped a lot.

Sehyo traveled into the future and found that climate change had destroyed all life on Earth.

I have some money.

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Was that Murph?


Ernest wasn't fooled for a second.


Half the office took a day off.

The first centuries of superluminal space exploration proved that neighbouring space was mostly desert as other life discovered was in a primordial state.

The table is askew, it's likely going to turn over soon.

I don't harvest their olives.

I've been concerned about them.


There's one black cat sleeping on the yellow chair.


Dieter intended to ask his boss for a raise, but he reconsidered.

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Ken must be home by now.


Interpretation is the art of taking a spoken text in one language and converting it into a spoken text in another language.

Please wake up at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

I think Suwandi should've stayed in Boston.


I have a friend who knows them.


What is your favorite language?

Look, it's the North Star.

She sounded slightly jealous.

I can't lie.

The American Navy was ready to fight.

I'm glad Kurt won.

It's already ten o'clock at night.

They're coming home.

He had no qualms in doing so.

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He's doing something there.

Shahid was here earlier today.

In ancient times, plagues killed many people.


Stacy, this is Jochen's brother John.


I love the way you talk.

Do you smell something?

Christina looked out the window at the street.

Woodpeckers peck tree trunks with their long pointed beaks and eat insects found there.

I don't have the number.


Let me tell you something about Nicholas.

Rees worked here.

Put your hands out.

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I haven't made up my mind yet.

That book is written in English.

The news was censored for the time being.

We had a lot of spontaneous offers from them.

Novorolsky left us some food and water.


He's laughing because the film is funny.

Nhan doesn't trust the police.

Give it a break, Monty.

The trip will take approximately five hours.

The light blinded him. He stood still for a few moments.


Morris is with him.

Their company guarantee is for thirty days.

He is sure to make it in the next exam.

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She threw a glance at us.

She has forgotten seeing me before.

Julie didn't tell me what the meeting was going to be about.