Give us a true account of what happened.

Dan didn't even have the courage to deny the accusations.

I don't speak German.

Why are you resigning?

Fuck yeah!

Anton is still just as handsome as he used to be.

Is Fred retired?

Do you really think so?

I'd like to forget Marika.


He still hasn't responded.

Ro cut Carl off.

I need an analgesic.

I knew you wouldn't forget them.

I didn't argue.

I've been trying to cheer Tarmi up.

They led me up the garden path.


Syed listened to me.


They didn't find him.

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Maybe we should come back later.


It just doesn't sound right.

I'm angry at you.

Can you please stop singing?

I got through with my work just now.

I totally agree with them.

Were you looking for these glasses?

I've started learning French.

I'll get it later.

These batteries are dead.


Summer has just begun.


It looks uninhabited.

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I can't stand the noise from the street.


I bet Dimetry won't do that.

You will be able to sing better next time.

Heinz has lots of new ideas.


You must not take it on any account.

After being abandoned for years, the old house went to rack and ruin.

Marco's test was so hard he couldn't do it.

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There's something Tim forgot to tell Boyce.

I don't want to talk about my family.

Do you realize how worried I was?

Don't go if you don't want to.

I became friends with at least 10 Americans.


We've come too far to give up now.

Thank you for giving me the option.

Don't you smoke?

I really think we're safe here.

Paul is not as fast as me.

Quantities are limited.

She never talks to him.


Things are changing quite rapidly.

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What should I do in the meantime?


The Queen made an address to the nation.

Bring me my clothes.

This marriage will be advantageous to his career.

This is the very CD I've been looking for.

Kinch often helps Heather.

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Everybody did their part.

Education is very important.

The oil ran through a thick pipe.


What time is it now by your watch?

I won't drink any more! Nor any less.

What's your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?


We students can also become famous journalists!

He rarely gets angry.

He is better off than ever before.

Tad is going to have fun.

There's a logical answer to every problem.

There's hardly anything left.

Beth opened the beer.

I'm fed up with the food here.

I like it in Boston.


I'm still waiting for them.

Cary couldn't come because he was sick.

I always wonder what happened to him.

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You could've killed us both.

The passing car splashed muddy water on me.

She dragged herself out of bed.

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I'm happy you liked it.

Could you tell them, please?

It's going great.

The teacher was speaking about the virtue of the Romans.

Excuse me, this is my seat.

Dimitry talked for a long time, but didn't really say much.

This is going to take a long time.


Our gardener Moses and the charwoman Ping will get married in May.

These are just routine questions we ask everyone.

We are going to make up for lost time by taking a short cut.

Van Buren rejected the offer.

I am like my brother.

I live about a mile from here.

Both of my parents died when I was five.


Eugene talks funny.

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Panzer had a major crush on Kemal.

Jong is capable of doing that.

Why did she go to the station?

Jerome gave me a black eye.

Yeah, there was some sort of reply from them.

Did she tell you why she did it?

I just saw it for myself.

I thought that whales are fish.

I wish I could do that as well as you do.

Who were the original people here?

She's a young, impressionable teenager.

Rayan found nothing to say in return.

It's in the well.

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Please give me the number for Mr Brown.

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We have some things to work out.

Let Mayo do the talking.

This is the kind of gossip you usually find in a glossy magazine.

The atmosphere can become rather strained.

Can you tell me where the nearest church is?

He told his best friends Those, Ginny, etc. that he has cancer.

I don't work on either Saturday or Sunday.

I urgently need to go to the bathroom.

Jakob went downstairs.


Juliet was eliminated before he got to the finals.


No people on earth can be held, as a people, to be an enemy, for all humanity shares the common hunger for peace and fellowship and justice.

When she said "I missed you" she began to cry.

He listened to my pitch, so he must be interested.

As far as I know, Harris is still married.

I am pulling my own hair!

My parents were living in Boston when I was born.

I'll try to stay on your good side, lest I get cut in two by that acerbic tongue of yours.

I think you hate Gypsy about as much I do.

The German for "to dance" is "tanzen".

List was the one who helped me with my homework.

That smells like trouble.

I'm as busy as ever.

She lies.

Moran held out his hand.

There's nothing anyone can do now.

Ramadoss thought the watch Lord had given him was ugly.

You're better off without them.


Samir said that he hadn't intended to insult you.

Wipe that smirk off your face.

Miltos was at the gym at 2:30 this afternoon.


I eat Chinese food once in a blue moon.

The creations of a great writer are little more than the moods and passions of his own heart, given surnames and Christian names, and sent to walk the earth.

The bagging was quite expensive.

There is nothing for you to be afraid of.

This machine does not run well.


That was a very sad story.

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He's a total wreck.

Tell me where you are.

You're not being very supportive.

He is poor, but honest.

We take a newspaper.


Anthony thinks Jean-Pierre is interested in John.

They have very little to live on.

Have you ever been in Italy?


She devoted her entire life to the study of physics.

If you don't keep the silverware polished, it'll lose its luster.

Will wants Ilya to make sure John does his homework.

I had a good dream last night.

It isn't easy to understand why you want to leave.

Briggs doesn't need to pay anything.

It was very nice seeing you again.

Let's hope that tomorrow he'll transform himself again!

What are you looking for in the darkroom?

He said nothing.

Patrick sprang at me in a rage.

Developing his ability of speaking English, it seems, is his purpose of studying abroad.

Where can I get a good meal?

See below for more information.

I don't care if you believe me.