MBTRIS is a Tetris® Clone running on JAVAFX® and therefore supporting the Windows, Mac and Linux platform. Everyone knows the rules of Tetris®, but to keep it interesting I added some additional ones which you can read about in the "Help!" menu of the game or just learn them by playing the game.

Please note that it is very unlikely that the game development will be continued in the future since the whole thing was only meant to be my 2015 summer project to get my hands on JAVAFX® - but who knows... ;)

Please also note that I can give no guarantee regarding safety, viruses, worms, etc. (actually nobody can). You are using the game and everything that is related with it at your own risk. But what did you expect? It's free so I did not put much time into testing, security issues, etc.

I hope you will enjoy it anyway!



Currently the game is distributed in 4 different versions. It runs directly after unpacking and needs no installation except for the (untested) Linux package.


Issues »


If MBTRIS has some known issues, they will be listed here. Currently there are none. If you find any, please report to 9782920028.