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Someone put it there, but I don't know who.


He looks down on everybody else.

When has he ever done anything for me?

I don't like fatty foods.

The cost of living in Tokyo is very high.

Roger doesn't know if Syed will go to the mountains or to the beach.

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Fake it till you make it.

Please send this parcel by sea.

Hector finally realized that he'd been wrong.

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It's a gimmick.

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I'm not too convinced.

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Lorenzo is the only girl I've ever loved.

The bank lent him 500 dollars.

Let her replace it.

She took the jewel to her manager.

I found myself listening to his records.


There is plenty of food left if you'd like some.

Jianyun was kidnapped and held by his captors in an abandoned building on Park Street.

Sandip put the silver locket around her neck.

Whatever he takes up, he gets soon tired of it.

He is the last man to do such a thing.


I saw Norm leave.

Lisa put his hands in his pockets.

That's exactly what I said to Juri.


He's here to protect you.


Phiroze tried his best to get here, but he didn't make it.


Before going to work in Paris I must freshen up on my French.


He and I don't agree on that matter, but it's not me who is wrong.

Kenton loves charts and graphs.

They sell good foods at that shop.

The snow has melted.

Hand in your examination papers.

Joanne was reasonably certain that Lar had stolen his grandfather's gold watch.

Don't let that worry you.

The air is bad here. Will you open the window?

I'm not guilty! I haven't done anything!

He wants to meet that good-looking girl.

Australia is a very fortunate country.

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We saw the old building pulled down.

Tell Kathleen you're too tired to help.

All the other issues are subordinate to this one.

I'm a beginner in Lojban.

I still don't want one.


They will be safe with him.

Then Mitch claimed the princess for his wife, and married her; and he was heir to the kingdom, and lived long and happily with his wife.

We were surprised at the ease with which he solved the problem.


Your friend is tiresome.


There are 40 pupils in this class.


She has grown into a beautiful young lady.

Twins double the fun.

I ran off some of the oil.

I insist on that.

He entered the room in his coat and hat.

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The tall man came out of the house.

Jong stayed up all night reading a book.

I had no clue.

Nathaniel is an expert at throwing knives.

Who knows what's going to happen?


Try not to worry about us.


You're experienced.

I can't swim at all.

The balloon floated off into the west.

Do you get nervous if you have to speak in front of many people?

Jackson's health had never been really good.

They like the beautiful stars and moon.

Go get me a sweater.


The alien shot his ray gun and blasted a hole in the spaceship's hull.

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Please, listen to me!

You are working too hard. Sit down and take it easy for a while.

Who will raise the question in the first place?

He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.

I haven't heard from him for a long time.

In the U.S., as many as 216 million firearms are said to be in private hands.

I'll be home after football practice.

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Let's not get Pilar's hopes up needlessly.

I'm running late.

The next morning, we ate breakfast together.

The weather is terrible.

The balance of public opinion remains in his favor.


From what stems this contradiction between our hopes and our reality?

The train was just on the point of starting when I got to the station.

Do you think it's normal to talk like that?

Some workers don't even earn a living wage.

How can I turn off this light?

I don't think it'll rain, but I'll take an umbrella with me, just in case.

Do you think I should go by myself?

He was at a loss for an answer.

She had an individual style of speaking.

The problem should be solved by now.

I took him for his brother.

This newspaper office is famous in local people.

Peak oil, an event based on Hubbert's theory, is the point in time when the maximum rate of petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production is expected to enter terminal decline.

Boyce was surprised to see Tuna out jogging so early in the morning.

Spare me the details.

How good are they?

She wished for a more relaxing life, but that was impossible under the circumstances.


When should I pick you up tomorrow?

That way of thinking influenced a lot of people.

Don't let him talk to anyone.


They don't want to lose any more.


I am at a loss for what I have to say.


You must be more patient.

Are you mentally challenged?

A lone sailboat is sailing against the wind.

Have you checked this with her?

The hounds are in pursuit of the fox.

American-style pizzas are covered with cheese, but not Neapolitan-style pizzas.

Get back inside.


The pay is based on sales.

The book is out of print.

Why not just kill them?

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I have an orange and an apple.

He was more or less drunk.

Amigo said that.

Know who you are.

Copernicus studied mathematics and astronomy at the University of Krakow.


Do I need the surgery?

Have you ever breast-fed a baby?

If you don't do that, you will be a dead man.


Danny told me that he didn't like Frank.

They will like it.

She had never mingled in the society of women.

We gave up trying.

I'm helping him.

Lee was killed in the line of duty.

What do you mean by this?

I like Seymour better this way.

He was counted as lost.

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You're as beautiful as I remember.

Gentlemen remove their hats in the presence of a lady.

It was disappointing to lose.

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Venus has a retrograde rotation which means it rotates on its axis in the opposite direction from the Earth's rotation. This causes the Sun to rise in the west and move eastward across the sky.

Every successful writer has a drawer full of rejection letters.

It seems to me that he is honest.


I go to the park.

Venkata stood near Knapper.

Cary went to an amusement park.

We're going out tonight.

I've always been passionate about football.

She ditched me.

Cells can replicate independently.

Jacobson told Masanobu that he couldn't live without her.

Yes, I speak Kashubian, but only a little.

Jerry went up the attic stairs.

We can talk about it in the future.

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The company's profitability improved.

After the fire, the smell of smoke in the air lasted for days.

What does this have to do with my future?

Please come to the table.

He immediately snapped.

Hold it! We need to rethink our strategy here.

Recently, there's been a lot of talk about distance education.

If you look from afar, most things will look nice.

Alejandro fell asleep halfway through the movie.

Did you hear that your company won the bid?

Every person is unique.

Do we need to watch out for tigers around here?

What would have happened if Peter Parker hadn't been bitten by a spider but a stoat?


I shut the window to keep the mosquitoes out.

Narcissists are always trying to draw attention to themselves.

Leads came out of the house with his hands up.


People are about sitting on the grass.