Those were the best years of my life.

This time, although I'm more experienced, there's nobody waiting to meet me.


Arthur doesn't understand how a computer works.


I couldn't help overhear your conversation.

I have a business meeting.

I'll be absent from home in the afternoon.

There go the twelve bars blues.

I can't see any difference.

Many a man comes and goes.

She said this.

A sinkhole formed under the National Corvette Museum and swallowed eight cars.

You raise Arabian horses, don't you?

The child received piano and singing lessons.

This paper does not absorb ink.


I'm a big fan of Getter Jaani.

How come you didn't come?

Don't you think Suyog might object to this?


It wasn't always like this.


Hillary is the perfect father.

I burst into tears and then started laughing.

Torsten and Sean continued to argue.

Tell her we're on our way.

My father takes a bath before supper.

That's sort of nice.

He can speak French, and it goes without saying he can speak English too.

That was a very delicate situation.

What's the word for "kaisha" in English?

What we have here is a failure to communicate!

Rajesh wants a new coat.

I heard that.

I'm getting worse.

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Matthias couldn't handle that job.

They are already able to listen to the album.

She exhaled loudly.

We are all looking forward to seeing you.

He gave a vague answer.

Subsequently, she started screaming and breaking vases. I, in turn, nonchalantly left the apartment, and went to have tea with Randolph.

He smokes 3 packs a day.

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Turn the volume up so that the students at the back can hear.


Emil looked perplexed.


How nice to be in Hawaii again!

Our aim is that, when planning classes, we know how to select stimulating material for the students and how to put it into use.

The bread was scorched from being cooked on the open flame of the camp fire.

Stewart has been going with Jane for almost a year now.

It was a strange night.

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I have lived in Kobe since yesterday.

Why do you think they like it?

What causes this?

I never even met them.

I became very ill.

She spread honey thickly on her toast.

Be there at noon.


Ole wanted to lose five pounds before summer vacation.


Hector is often home.


You decide! It's your future!

Subra is arriving tomorrow.

You must attach this label to your suitcase.

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Aimee's mother was crying.

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I had Robert in the palm of my hand.

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It was Ranjit who took out the garbage.


I'll take you home now.

What do you have to do?

Please turn off your electronic devices.

Nothing's going to happen tonight.

I didn't know it was snowing.


I hope you found something in the end.


Twitter is better and more secure than Facebook.


I'm embarrassed.

Heinrich got out of the shower and put his clothes back on.

Teenagers are often said to have raging hormones.

Hamilton is going to be really disappointed, isn't he?

What did you have for lunch?

Sandra took a cab.

Can you name all the trees in the garden?

Ted is good at fixing watches.

This house is infested with termites.

I'm as surprised as Alberto is.

This is really strange.


How many boys are there in the room?


We caught sight of his boat.

At home I have a Espresso maker.

I hope it stays that way.

That terrible noise is driving me mad.

I like music and English.

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What keeps you awake at night?

Can I take it home?

Why didn't you say anything?

Oedipus had answered the riddle correctly!

This watch needs to be repaired. It gains 20 minutes a day.

Drew couldn't stop.

I never should've left you.

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This sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie.


Both Emil and I can't speak French.

Donovan told me to stay away from Sanche.

You'll be safe now.

Shakespeare was a contemporary of Marlowe.

We went to a lot of parks.

I was very happy there.

Have you read any good books lately?

We're going to take a quick break.

You should understand, this is serious.

How many have you killed?

I can't believe I'm actually doing this.

This tea is good.

I thought you might change your mind.

Lincoln was a great statesman.

Seated on the floor, she watches me.

I hate strong-minded women.

Jones could see Roman's house in the distance.

This report is incomplete.

Speaking in French is fun.

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Keep the ball rolling.

The thunder roared.

Pratap seems to be holding something back.

Does he write an English letter?

Prunes are dehydrated plums, and are very good for your health.


She's a law-abiding citizen.

He runs faster than I.

Jock left school an hour ago.

He whispered slyly to me.

At my school, we team teach all the English classes.


Maybe you'd better take a look at this.

I had to tell Debi that myself.

Don't swim.

I destroyed all the evidence.

I don't like the food at that deli.

Where's the bartender?

Where did you overtake them?

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Kaj and Claudia have just gotten back to Boston.

They worship the almighty dollar.

Don't let me be misunderstood.

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What is there to understand?

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This is Yamada.

They aren't dating, are they?

She's allergic to going out.

I have kept a diary in English these ten years.

However, if he is brain-dead, he will never think, speak, or hear again.

I think I should've helped Lee.

You know where I work.

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I want to eat some Korean food that isn't hot and spicy.

My teacher has perfect trust in me.

It's raining outside. Don't forget to close the windows when you get back home.

I am usually able to read eight books in a month.

She didn't live a single day of her life without violence.

He isn't coming, either.

She benefited from the sound investment.

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At last the rats came to the river.

He worked as a truck driver in Norway.

My father insisted I should go to see the place.

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Tightly-knit carpets are generally more valuable.

Her doctor wants to refer her to a specialist.

Don't tell the boss.

Is Leads's name on the list?

I never got to talk to Tait.

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"Oh man! If I was as cool as Christofer was, I'd have three girlfriends" - "I have another opinion about that. In any case, Frank has no girlfriend."

I've been to Boston.

What will you play for your piano recital?

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We'll find out later.


We discussed gun control in social studies class.

She really keeps her youthfulness.

You can't ignore the risk.

I am a mechanic.

Kate broke into Danny's room using a lockpick.