Has anyone noticed that in Esperanto grammars they never talk about punctuation?

The revolt was put down with little trouble.


Why did you decide not to go to Australia?

I hope that your future activities will expand our relationship with your firm.

I plan to stay here until my money gives out.

Even when the facts demonstrated the opposite, he maintained he hadn't stolen it.

It was a walk in the park.

I suppose we could try to find Bret ourselves.

Tanning is stinky work.

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Ralph wasn't the one who broke the window.

The air was darkened by the smoke.

We all loved them.


Treatment will begin tomorrow.

That talent is much sought after.

She bribed her child to take the bitter medicine.

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Contact them.

Diana and Ramiro look relieved.

We need your key.

I always knew you'd be back.

He just ate sushi and drank beer.

He has endured sacrifices for America that most of us cannot begin to imagine.

Suu made me come here.


Are you sure he doesn't have a girlfriend?

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Who does that belong to?

I don't see anything wrong with that.

I must contact Vladislav.

Our company is going to be left behind too if we don't create an environment in which we can get instant Internet access.

I'm homeless.

Gail, do you promise to still love me, despite what I'm about to tell you?

Omar came into the kitchen carrying two grocery bags.

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Who wants to go to Boston anyway?

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John made Tony jump.

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We need to stop this experiment.

Joshua's a yo-yo dieter, who's lost weight many times, only to put it back on again.

Troy looked down at the fuel gauge.


You can't deny that.


It's always been that way.

The chair stands next to the door.

No one will know this song!


I saw you kissing him.

As they didn't know the way, they soon got lost.

Theo turned off the radio.


The shearer sheared the sheep.

Nguyen looked adorable and cute in her Halloween costume.

I received a letter from my friend.


We haven't seen them in a while.

They are talking loudly when they know they are disturbing others.

Among other things, he has an eye for good pictures.


We parted, never to see each other again.

Stefan is a really bad cook.

The dog was sniffing a stick.

I'm not easily offended.

Hans likes hockey.

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Is Teresa talking to you yet?

I knew Suwandi better than you did.

She is a lady of business acumen.

We have seen to that.

She's not invited to parties.


He trod on my foot on purpose in the train.

She is old and experienced.

I'm listening to a beautiful song.

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I'm really interested in hearing about your trip.

Your anger is understandable.

That makes it easy.

This company is famous for its high-quality production.

This tank has a capacity of thirty liters.

What's it?

We already did that.

Winston is thinking about applying for a better-paying job.

It's almost late.

There seemed to be nothing to do.

Proponents of increased import duties are at odds with each other.

Why don't you go home now?

She puts the boys to bed.


I have been studying for two hours.

I didn't really know what to do.

What's your favorite Broadway musical?

Andreas arrived late at the station.

I'll go back to Boston with Emmett.


The Liberals blamed the Conservatives, and the Conservatives blamed the Liberals.

Work and pray, live on hay; you'll get pie in the sky when you die.

Mark is so honest that everyone praises him for it.

I know how tiring that can be.

I have three sisters and a brother.


I never want to see your face again.


Charles Moore created Forth in an attempt to increase programmer productivity without sacrificing machine efficiency.

He looks human enough. It fools everybody...

I'd like to know what I did wrong.


That's not going to be easy.

Be careful what you say publicly. It may have consequences.

You haven't said yet where you live.

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She cleared the dishes from the table after dinner.

I was scared to try new things.

She couldn't help but be a little vague.


I'm on my way to Cristi's place.

I think you had better stay with us.

His face looks melancholy.


We were late to the party, like you.

I know you're just trying to help me.

What would you do if you failed?

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Marcia doesn't have a bicycle.

Their house is very modern.

Where is the toothpaste?

You haven't said anything to Anita yet, have you?

Bill was much loved by the other children in his school.

Most young people don't know the terror of war.

Nhan is going to be OK, right?


Blow your nose.

Where did you get those jeans?

That's really sweet.

I am not going to the supermarket for peaches, but for chocolate.

He's living his role to the hilt.

Shuvra has done enough already.

I would have gone to where I should have gone, had I had the time, but I couldn't have had the time, so I didn't go.


I will be your guarantor.

Last one out is a rotten egg.

Is that a bad thing?

Lucy decided to reveal her love.

Before David arrived, Samantha started to set the table.

She's asocial.

That person asked me who I was, but I did not deem it necessary to answer him.

I need to finish packing.

You wouldn't happen to have any coffee left, would you?

Kristin started swearing.

Then arose the question of where we were to get the necessary machinery.

I told Jon that what he was doing was illegal.

Yamamoto had one hundred sixty-two ships.

They have time to spend with their families or to enjoy their hobbies.

Could Donna be telling the truth?

I never can tell Bill from his brother.

They really don't know what they're doing.


Look at the past and learn by it, look at the present and live by it, look at the future and dream by it.


She did not disappoint him.

He is an evil man.

It would be interesting to see if we could do that.

We've got to do a lot better.

You are very pretty in those clothes.

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Harold was appointed by the governor.

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You should've waited.

There is a fundamental difference between your opinion and mine.

Marek doesn't like to be called a fool.

In Japan, there are many hot springs.

Why do American parents praise their children?

I keep telling Granville to clean his room.

Everyone dies eventually.

Ask Pamela if he can speak French.

For precisely that reason, many works have been translated from all kinds of languages into Esperanto.

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Who is Ragnar? One of your friends from school?

I spend a few hours almost every day studying French.

I sent this drum to my father.

Driver fatigue is a major cause of car accidents.

Dave had no right to do that.

Boys have their own bikes these days.

Anna told us not to be afraid.

This is a pretty good book.

You wouldn't gain anything by a method like that.

I love animals.

You're doing a good job so far.

She went out.

Let's play cards instead of watching television.

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I had nobody to play with when I lived with my grandmother.


I'm coming for you!

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Why are you visiting us?