He came to understand it at last.

He's two years my junior.

I went to Ronald's house after school.

She is HIV-infected.


The library is temporarily closed to the public.

That's not Leith's fault.

That's actually a good point.

Where is the Japan Airlines counter?

The chick is hatching.

Nothing must be done hastily but killing of fleas.

Her approval is important to me.


I don't like using Google Translator.

After we finish digging the trench, planting the flowers will be easy.

I'll pay for everything.


It's about time you went to bed.


For me, humanity is a shape that matter takes.


Cross your fingers.

Color is the most sacred element of all visible things.

I hate it when Carter and Rafael fight.

He credits me with doing things I never thought of.

Jamie paid by check.

Women seem to like him for some reason.

There's an American girl who wants to see you.

Don't let him lick you.

I'm glad to see that you're happy.

It's very improbable.

Victor didn't light any candles in her room.

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Rainer gently closed the door.

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You're a lie.

I'm sorry, but I can't eat dinner with you.

Keep the paper in the inside pocket.

I think Stagger is happy.

Here's some money. Go buy yourself a drink.


Which one of these glasses did you drink out of?

They see very clearly that this is an emergency and that this cannot go on for long.

I know a place where we can sit down and talk.


I can't believe she just said that.

Don't shoot the devil in the back. You might miss.

The elder sons are now quite independent of their father.

How about you come with me?

What do you think that was about?

I'll wait for him.

All the children loved and adored Hughes.

Have I told you where I first met Marguerite?

I talked with Josip for over an hour before he said something that made me realize he wasn't a native speaker.

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Grandma dropped her glasses and they broke.

Who else do you know in Boston?

What kind of girl are you?

John didn't see anybody.

Robin Hood lay hidden in Sherwood Forest for one year, and in that time there gathered around him many others like himself, cast out from other folk for this cause and for that.

Jianyun nodded affirmatively.

Who am I actually: a monk dreaming he's a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming it's a monk?

I'll be glad to take you up on your invitation!

His body showed every mark of his strength.


My father was a good-for-nothing layabout who sat about on his posterior all day and ate potato chips.

I have an income of 50,000 yen a month.

Tell me a little about him.

Piercarlo took a lot of photographs.

A driver reached speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour while fleeing from police after they tried to make a traffic stop on the vehicle yesterday.

To go on. No It's enough. To go on weighted down with worlds contries cities. Crowds howling. Covered with climates hemispheres ideas memories. Among the spiderwebs of tombs and the conscious planets.

I can live without it.

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How many pills did you take?

I wouldn't recommend that.

Hey, you want to take a walk?

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To begin with, you must be honest.

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I hope that happens.

Ecstasy is the upper system's drug.

That is not safe.


The wind calmed down.

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It just doesn't look right.

Janos's remark was insensitive.

She's a junior employee.

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The party was a great success.


Kylo felt a sharp pain in his chest.

I want to go back home.

I forgot to tell you what time the meeting started.


I caught Spass.

It was a warm, friendly meeting.

Patrice didn't know exactly what was expected of him.

I'm not going to do that unless you help me.

I identified myself with the gangsters in the film.

She's an independent thinker.

Where did you find such an ugly hat?


A hug from you would make me happy.

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That was what you said, Edwin.

Just have a seat.

Everything comes to those who wait.

Maybe you should ask them.

Anna helped everybody.


When was the last time you gave flowers to your wife?

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You're the one I've been wanting to meet.


How long can Art stay here?

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I'm the only one who knows where Knut hid his valuables.


If I don't protect you, who will?


I left my credit card at home.

Does he know what you're here for?

Irfan was suffused with happiness.

How sexy she is!

The landlord says he wants to raise the rent.

Don't get excited about such a thing.

I prefer Spanish men to English.

Annie said he'd love to help.

I don't want Annie's death on my conscience.

We put the world at your fingertips.

Don't keep chattering.

We must allow for his age.

Have you never eaten a kiwi?

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That won't last forever.

Did Brandon help?

We're not from around here.

There was a general drop in prices.

Mold grew on the boots.

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Try to profit from every opportunity.

I've been studying French with Clarissa.

I thought Gale was sleeping.

I really miss my boyfriend.

To be a mother is not to deliver.

She whispered it in my ear.

There she is.


We yelled at her to be careful.


Did he touch your breasts?


I knew Jean-Pierre spoke a little French.

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That's a subject I prefer not to talk about.

Whose phone number is this?

Is there anything you want to tell me, Eric?

I'll have you know I've been in the business for over a decade.

Acting on an anonymous tip, the police located and apprehended the suspect, who was subsequently convicted of manslaughter.

Shari really loves his present.

They want, above all things, to live in peace.

Don't run away from me now.

Kathy has some very radical ideas.

Losing your passport in a foreign country is worse than losing your luggage or having your wallet stolen.

Sanjay could've and should've done something.

We had better not attend the meeting.

Discussions will continue tomorrow.

Somehow I thought you'd say that.

Did you take any other pictures of Phillip?


Le Corbusier was a French architect.


That would be quite acceptable.


They'll all be fine.

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Let me relieve you of your baggage.

Sue downed his coffee.

Things are not like they used to be.

If you get sick, it'll ruin your vacation.

They waved flags to welcome the princess.

You don't have to say a word.

He cleaned his room on Sunday.


This girl is incredibly hot.

They're late.

Christopher isn't the only one who thinks it would be a good idea to get there early.

This is my tackle box.

And, without waiting for an answer, she left the apartment, preceded by her friend Adele.

Rand was released from prison three weeks before Stuart was murdered.

It would be better to talk of something else.


I'll be the one helping Marcos, not you.

I hesitate to ask Margie to help.

Who is this brat?

How many more days are there until Christmas?

Put the coat on the hanger.

This wine is inferior to that one in flavor.

Let's get together here once a week.