Don't let others do what you yourself don't like.

He's very hard to please.

Every nation, rich or poor, has its strengths and weaknesses.

Which sport do you most enjoy watching?


Do you want all that food for yourself, Leif?

I don't think I'd do that.

I've got a connecting flight.


He is the person to whom I gave my dictionary.

I am vegan.

I haven't eaten anything since yesterday.

The date of the examination clashed with my sister's wedding.

We'll probably be away for a few days.

Vic was fighting.

This one is for us.

We have some wonderful news.

Tell us what's going on.

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Can't we wait until tomorrow to finish this?


Don't ask me. Ask her.


What has a head, but cannot think?


That's all Marlena needs.

Can you help me solve a mystery?

I left her in charge.

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Everything is now ready for you.

A room without books is like a body without a soul.

At least I got to see you.

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It never snows in this country.

I saw you with him.

There was something I needed to get at the supermarket, but I forgot to pick it up.


There was lavender in bloom as far as the eye could see.

It's only collateral damage.

Two high school boys beat Lex black and blue.


Business prevented him from going to the concert.


You drive me crazy.

I thought of the woman as a journalist.

Do you think it's easier to be a single mother or a single father?

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That old trapper lived in California.

You're wet through.

You can never win.

Maybe after easter, spring will come.

She'll give one more carpet to me.

I would like you to make tea for me.

Patricio lied about her age.

There was so much noise that the speaker couldn't make himself heard.

The home shows the soul.

I want to be a daredevil.

We have three dogs, one white and two black.

Rose is a loving and caring lady.

There were almost no cars in the parking lot.

Basically, you're absolutely right.

This is quite sound from a scientific aspect.

That song reminds me of my childhood.

I don't plan to do that until Pilot tells me to.

Andy whispered something in Richard's ear and she nodded.

He said so out of envy.


She's a talented singer.

That was an unkind remark.

I like to eat red bell peppers raw.

I'm going to see what I can do.

We slept under the stars.

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Ernest wondered what that meant.

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Do fish have vocal chords?

I'm not like that.

I've done with him for the future.


Can you back off just a little, please?


I'm not evil.


What time did that take place?

Do you have any food allergies?

The committee consists of fifteen people.


They all have one thing in common.


Some like tea, others prefer coffee.

What kind of tree is an oak?

I will try to write in Kazakh myself.

She has a little black dog.

Don't forget to post this letter.


I wanted to ask Rafik out but I chickened out at the last moment.

What can't you do?

Thank you very much for coming so far to see me off.

Why didn't you tell me about Root?

Twice two is equal to four.

You owe it to yourself.

The question is which one should I choose.


That was her.


Granville made no excuses.

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I come to this city second time.


A year has twelve months.

Some people bring joy wherever they go, and some people bring joy whenever they go.

It's a good one.

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I like working with kids.

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You seem to know everything about this.


Please nail the windows shut.

Rajeev and Maria were too tired to wash up and went to bed with their sink full of dirty dishes.

I don't completely trust him.

Nici never said yes.

I cannot run faster than he.


Twelve is an even number.

I like mixing coffee and cocoa.

This is a letter from my old teacher.


Don't disturb her. She is at work right now.

By chance, I ran into an old friend in Tokyo.

She bathed her ankle with hot water.

He left for America by air.

I might change my mind tomorrow.

He never brings the paycheck home.

Man is the only animal that writes books.

Helge was carrying his son on his back.

I'm sorry, but I can't hear you well.


If I had the money, I'd go on a trip around the world.

Matthieu only cared about himself.

Mah cut the rope with his knife.


I hope that this letter finds you in perfect health.


He's not dead yet; we're bringing him here.

Jerome has to lose weight.

Don't let anything stand between you and success.


When was the last time you had something to drink?


You sounded just like Neal.

We've got what we need here.

I bet you know this.


Would either of you like coffee?

Shutoku is a fanatic.

I saw Dale sitting in the first row.

Susanne and his friends helped me carry the piano.

You never say you love me.

What did you call me in here for?

Duncan majored in Fine Arts.

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My grandpa is sick.


Be careful or Lex'll knock the daylights out of you.

Do you have a shovel I can borrow?

Non-smokers are rallying behind the new anti-smoking law.

They took my ring.

I think friends are important.

I want to be back in Boston.

This is Mr. Smith.


Panacea tied his shoe laces.

Ice skating is kind of fun.

Everybody knows what's happening.

It's really important.

I need it right away.

The cat jumps on top of the table.

Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

We do lumbering up the river.

I tried cycling to work for a while but I didn't take to it.

She gave me a sealed envelope.

I think you're right not to let Floyd go.

I like grapes, but I can't eat so many.

I'd like to have my picture taken, please.

Food, clothing and shelter are the basis of life.

The influence of the strong yen on the Japanese economy has become very serious.

The commission has promised to take action soon.

The teacher ordered the students to gather around the big tree.

I picked up a coin.

Shouldn't you take a break?

Kristin hasn't called Sehyo lately.

I'd like an honest answer.

She may or may not agree with us.

You were the first one here today.

Why don't you try this one?

Do you have any idea what killed Kinch?

I didn't want Shahid to die.

Is there a transfer point?

Oh, there is a sun shower.

You'll get wrinkles.