Let's suppose that he is here.

This laboratory belongs to a respected pharmaceutical company.

We won't let you in.

Lui looks about a hundred years old.

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I'll try to spare your feelings.

Are we really that old?

Potatoes give me wind.

Elliott said he'd rather not do that.

Each person was given enough food and clothing.

My lights are on full beam.

I wouldn't have been able to do that without your help.


Toby was saying he didn't believe that Bjorne had a driver's license.

Can we drive you home?

It turned out that he was her father.


Piete should know this.

Troy is coming with us.

I'm a little worried.

Jorge is fast, isn't he?

I don't feel like cooking tonight.

Over time, things only got worse.

Please tell me what kind of cooking this is.

They attract customers by offering high-quality goods.

Children are sometimes wild.


We took a short rest on the way.

I'd rather be in Boston.

Emily had no friends to play with.

Pizza and beer go together well.

Are you criticized by your boss?


Brent doesn't seem to like you very much.

Sundar is a professional killer.

I'll always remember that.

The party's over.

Business is pretty good.


I want a priest, and a crucifix, so that I may kiss it!

One day Mark Twain surprisingly confessed: "I am not as young as I was several years ago..."

Give the glasses a good boil.

To call the elevator, push the button.

It's really nasty.


I won the scholarship.

Why can't I just go now?

These large banks are too big to fail.

How many times are you going to do that?

I am allowed 1,000 yen a month for books.

While Sho was looking through the window, a shooting star fell from the sky.

They don't want us working together.


I don't know if we can help Alvin this time.

I am making noise with this drill.

Can you lend me a dime?

Ji put on a bullet-proof vest, just to be safe.

How come you've never helped us before?


Thanks for your soonest answer!

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Phew, I'm safe now.

Are we ever going to see it?

They laid the carpet on the floor.

Can you recommend a good Korean restaurant?

Stop stealing my sentences.


There is a dragonfly on the ceiling.

They're in love.

Slartibartfast didn't have very many friends when he was young.

You're so much better than me at playing the guitar.

You can call me when you want.

Let us help them.

What you did for me meant a lot to me.


Julia told Theodore that he had a new job.


Muiriel is 20 now.

Insurers are now required to cover a number of recommended preventive services, such as cancer, diabetes and blood pressure screenings, without additional cost sharing such as copays or deductibles.

Trevor couldn't even answer the simple questions.


Insurance policies don't cover preexisting conditions.


He who walks the straight and narrow path must resist temptations of all sorts.

I knew you wouldn't forget me.

Will you be home this evening?


Beckie is interested in politics.


I don't know how to tell Michel about that.

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Roy still hasn't gotten over the shock.

He's writing a letter.

Jerome hung his jacket in the hall closet.

I fed the dog about an hour ago.

I can't carry on like this.

Try thinking for yourself.

Philip told me it was stolen.

They had trouble finding the place.

I don't know why, but he seems to have it in for me.


Culture plays a dynamic role in shaping an individual's character, attitude, and outlook on life.

Thuan convinced Tanya to hire John.

Can you tell me how you get to the American Embassy?

I have no idea what he has in mind, rejecting such a favorable proposal.

The directions are simple.


Is the exam over? How did it go?

We can understand everything they are saying.

Jarl started to get angry.

I don't see how you can ignore this.

I think he will soon catch up with us.

The car holds five people.

We started a campaign against smoking.


I hate to see you like this.

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Timo took notes.

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She loves art.

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I missed you very much yesterday.

Rents will go up next month.

There's nothing like a dish of homemade ice cream.

Everyone was screaming.

Do you blame yourself?

Amarth had to wait on Darci hand and foot after her ankle reconstruction.

How do you change your clothes so fast?

I found the book boring.

Does that work?

Occasionally there are earthquakes in South Carolina.

They fought a fair battle with the enemy.

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You are very likely right.

The scientist explained the strange phenomena in the light of recent scientific knowledge.

I couldn't believe myself when she pretended to be angry. Her loud voice, red face...the whole caboodle was pretty convincing.

His lie weighed on his conscience.

In comparison with yours, my car is small.

I'd like to say three sentences about that.

No one knows what happened.


What fruit do you want?


I'm not as tall as he is.

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The fish fought hard.


He must be crazy to do such a thing.

He started gardening after his retirement.

We have to make a plan.

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I'll come back tomorrow if I can.


May I call my first witness?

I might be home late.

Cory is filling out a job application form.


Take a sip of this.


Catholic priests practice celibacy.

I swam a lot during summer vacation.

Everything is all right at present.

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I do as little as I can to get by.

Egging is a form of vandalism.

I'm very worried about my future.

I know you probably don't want to hear this.

Have you cleaned your room yet?

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I should probably get back to work now.

Sofia accepted the gift.

We can't give up that easily.


You have to take your time over your thesis.

You can do this with ease.

I can't put up with this cold.


It didn't go very well.

There was a short pause and the housewife said...

It was lunchtime.

He had to pay a high rent for his farm.

He worked very hard.


Is that a veiled threat?


It really did happen just the way Jun said it did.

Why wouldn't Harv help you?

She is always immune to criticism.


I've got three hours to find Jerald.


I wonder what Rudy would do.


If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably not true.

He called his mother up from the airport.

They're still here.

Relax. We're on vacation.

He has been sleeping since around 8 o'clock.

You spilled some ketchup on your tie.

I like her the best.