We've given up on love.

Tell me where to find him.

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Would you please come with me?

Can we drive you home?

Her gray hair makes her look older than her age.

Being a DJ must be really interesting!

I bought fresh bread.

She spends her holidays at her uncle's.

I think you look like him.

We still have three hours.

It's so good to hear from you.

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I definitely feel different.


Then the prince took Elsa on his horse, and rode with her to the town, where the old king received her graciously.

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I'm hoping to find him.


Romulus was the son of Rhea Silvia.


The party will be held outdoors, weather permitting.

You are all diligent.

So why don't you just give up?


I don't think Charleen took us seriously.


Atsushi may have been sick.

The atomic energy is expensive and dangerous.

She threatened him.

I would prefer to not leave tonight.

On Tatoeba, there are a lot of grammatically correct but strange sentences, hardly comprehensible out of context.

Jon asked me how to get to Walt's house.

He set out for Tokyo.


Hirofumi died before the ambulance got here.

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Happily, everyone rescued from the sea are alive and well.

Ping is the boy wearing the blue shirt.

Tigger rushed off.

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What is it you wanted to tell me?

Have a good time!

I just couldn't do it anymore.


Deb, this is Joe's brother David.


Art is not a real person.


The longer I stayed in Paris, the more I liked it.

I didn't realize what time it was.

Johann is losing Fletcher.


"Ryu, I can't seeee!" "Naturally, that's because I'm covering your eyes."

Melinda was the last one to go home.

Ramanan likes to wear black because he thinks it makes him look thinner.


I don't want to be like all those who first ruin their health in search of money and then afterwards ruin themselves just to get it back.


You're free to go, of course.

The words of the year 2010 in Denmark are "ash cloud", "Peripheral Denmark", "vuvuzela" and "WikiLeaks".

How did you know we'd be here?


We should meet up later, so that I can deliver this to you.

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I heard a scream.

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Frankly speaking, I think he's a good boss.

Ram doesn't study a lot.

So how mad are you?

This part of the land belongs to my stepmother.

What is this? This is a car.

Julia doesn't seem to have been injured badly.

I don't care why you're late.

He is no good as a lawyer.

Do you want to go out on a date with Bryan?

I have been to Rome.

You're going to get hurt if you're not careful.

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The hungry birds were eating from the bird feeder.

Japan produces a lot of good cameras.

He's got a knack for annoying me.

Didn't your parents teach you anything?

We could get over the difficulty.

We're in a deep recession.

Herb never seems interested in talking about sports.

You may not agree with some of their major policies and this could affect your working relationship.

You just make sure you tell Norma what I just said.

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I prefer English.

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Don't repeat what I've told you.

You shouldn't have said that kind of thing to him.

This sentence has to be proofed.

Heinz warned Vassos that John was nothing but trouble. However, she ignored his warning.

When will the next train arrive?

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I can't approve of your going out with him.


To the crow family belong the raven, the rook and the magpie.

Just do what you usually do.

Where did you take your degree?

We have been up all night.

She cannot be saved.

May I see your driver's license, sir?

Carter works in the building directly opposite where the siege is taking place, and could clearly see a gunman in the cafe together with a number of hostages.


Wait till next year.

I hardly made any money last week.

It has turned into a fashion now.

I need to speak to them alone.

The relative pronoun 'that' has two states, a nominative case and objective case, but there is no possessive case.

Why don't you show Vishal around town?

I hope we did the right thing.

Just a minute. I'll see if I can find it in this book.

We've become good friends.


That seems about right.

Relationships built on money will end when the money runs out.

Pass me the salt, would you?

Bjorne knows that we know.

John might not go with us.

Julian cracked up.

You're thorough.

I did not understand at all what he said.

I work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Let us know if we have your support.

I hear you.

The hot weather changed snow into water.

We'd better go pick up her.


Should I help you?

I hear everything you're saying.

I told her I didn't want to go.

Take a look at the photos and comment!

Some people say the corpus is intended for learners, some think it's more for scientific purposes.

Nobody likes rats.

Orange juice is the most popular juice in America.

Tell me what I did wrong.

He's also a salesman.

Is Nichael taking anything for the pain?

There's a rumor that the President will resign.

I got up at six, ate breakfast and then went to school.

His wife hated his mistress, and vice versa.

Norman said that he wasn't to blame.

Where do I cook dinner?

Do as you're told to do.

He provides for his family.


Carlos was found guilty.

Kazuhiro has a ten-speed bicycle.

Has anybody heard from Harris?

Harmon is on the loo.

Earth laughs in flowers.

You're going to get us both killed.

We haven't yet been informed of the committee's decision.

I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

When morning dawned, the Princess came to see if he was still alive.

She wants but doesn't need it.

Rafik and I could always tell each other everything.


Do slugs die if you put salt on them?

I think I want to study Persian.

We know that Gregg is here.


I'll tell you what I want to do.


Every month, he saved ten thousand yen out of his income for his daughter.

I saw some small animals running away in all directions.

Stop talking out of your ass.

Let's get together and talk about old times.

He is so crazy about jazz that he often forgets himself.

I agree to his proposal.

She didn't give me anything.

Please don't interrupt me for a while.

"No," the shopkeeper replied. "I'm quite serious. You saw the price tag."


"Where are my glasses?" "You've left them on the kitchen table."

The fork is dirty.

We both hate them.

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I never see that picture without being reminded of my hometown.

The war made the country poor.

Let's pod peas.

I don't want to disturb Ssi.

No, you can't.

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Gail and Sofia just celebrated their silver anniversary.

Buddy doesn't drive carelessly.

Maybe tonight I'm going to my younger sister's house.

The machine operates all day long.

In high school, he alienated all his friends with his constant mocking.

Here are the pictures from last night.

The law does not accept confession under torture.


The truce did not last long.

She is a member of the basketball club.

Ninja led the attack.


My daughter is cutting her permanent teeth.