My daughter loves jumping rope.

The doctor wouldn't allow me to take part in the marathon.

Have you gotten used to eating Japanese food yet?

Single or double room?

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The nights are getting longer now that it is autumn.

You should go see a doctor.

Computers can save us a lot of time and trouble.


When you eat pancakes, how many do you usually eat?

Thanks for keeping us updated.

He is a very serious person.

That tree's been struck by lightning.

I didn't agree to meet Shyam.

Stop borrowing my clothes without my permission.

I can't buy it because I don't have any money.


Briggs shot me in the leg.

What does this hat remind you of?

This sounds familiar.


You've got to get out of here, Jesse.

The country is heading in the right direction.

The Jacksons love to have parties.

Can I exchange yen for dollars here?

Michael doesn't need to work on Sundays.


Damn it! He's escaped me again.

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When I came home, Son was studying.

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My friend Kim has really bad anal bleeding sometimes.

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I thought you loved her.


Tell her that I am mopping the kitchen.


A few days later, he came.


What makes us free is the money, not the law.


Myron's patience has finally run out.


You are making a big fuss.

What kind of music do you think Carol likes?

Sjouke spoke for three minutes.

I married on the 1st of June.

Though young, he is an able man.

Lanny looks pretty much ready.

Not all criminals need to be incarcerated.

It wasn't me who insulted you.

I am not going to the supermarket for peaches, but for chocolate.

We'll need Cristopher's help.

Her aunt takes care of his dog during the day.

A drop of sweat ran down his forehead.

Having worked all day, you must be exhausted.

The poor man was in need.

I don't know what got into them.

Barry had no idea when Scot would arrive.

I have to find someone to help me.

I'm not letting you do this alone.

Can you help me do that?

We'll be happy.

The students have returned.

This is not Hebrew. It's Yiddish.

They haven't left.


I wanted it to be a surprise.

It's almost time to get started.

We beat the man up.

Why don't I have a freind like that?

Emma was very efficient.


Scott had a farm not too far from Boston.

I raised you better than that.

Maybe that wasn't the best thing to say to Wendi.


She has been married to him for two years.

Can you tell me how much a ticket costs?

Ralph stopped talking when he saw Raja.

If you behave like a servant, you'll be treated like a servant.

What does it actually mean?

I think I've figured out how to fix this.

Suddenly, my mother started singing.

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We are still doing well.

I have to talk with her about the new plan.

Do you think I should ask Teruyuki for help?

Masao won't come here, will he?

The warranty for my TV is expired.

That cost me a lot in the long run.

Why don't you wait till morning?

It's prohibited in most countries.

Ragnar separated the items into three piles.

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They deprived the criminal of his rights.

I never realized Hotta was interested in French.

You abandoned me.

The leaves of the trees turn yellow in the fall.

You have been chosen.

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He promises not to drink anymore.

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I have to finish my book.

I promise I won't forget.

I've never been good at riddles.


It's all over for us.


Raman never allowed Kevan to read his diary.


He is fluent in French.


I don't know him that well.

Many people think Raja is a snob, but I don't think he is.

Please keep the fire from going out.


Norbert seems preoccupied.


Just one can of soft drink a day can significantly increase your chances of developing diabetes.

The police brawled with the demonstrators.

How did you learn how to play the violin?


Just leave it to me.


I'm dying.

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We can't let Giles wander around the mall.

Even though he lives next door, he doesn't even say hello to us.

We had been talking about Jim when he entered the room.

Jim and Honzo have recently gotten married.

Things happen for a reason.

All in all, the international conference was a success.

You may stay here for the night, but you'll have to leave in the morning.

Give me back my wallet.

I am not older than he is.


Andrew realized Marian was staring at him.

His age is beginning to tell on him.

Mason and Ning's wedding anniversary is today.


What an unfortunate coincidence!

It would be best for you to follow the doctor's orders.

She has money problems.

I'll stand you a dinner.

The gun isn't loaded.

I have a glass eye.

Cecilia visits Sedovic every time he goes to Boston.

I see you've got a new hat.

That took thirty minutes.

Lowell took a walk in the park.

The teacher marvelled at my response.


We have to pull the weeds.

It's been a bad week.

I've already read that document.

It was summer and the weather was warm.

I washed my feet.


Calvin asked me to give you a message.


Don't stoop to Wendi's level.

Manjeri gave Ariel a hearty welcome.

I go shopping every other day.

She gave me her hand.

This is unsafe.

The machines are idle now.

Marvin gave me a couple of free tickets to his concert.

Has Barton promised to be there?

Where does this piece go?


Prepare for combat.

Let's not wait for Duane any longer.

I asked him to teach me French.

Kevan doesn't know what to do next.

Spike said that he wants to learn Hebrew.


I'll tell him you asked.

I haven't quite made up my mind.

When does the magazine come out?

It's not a date or anything.

I never had time to get scared.

I live ten miles from the city.

Give me three hours.

Today it is snowing.

Ti won't try to stop you.

Adam grinned at Ramiro.

The box is covered with a large sheet of paper.

His wife is Japanese.

Your effort is appreciated.


Brooke has a nice face.


I've got quite a lot of hats.

Are you OK with this?

I like such a passionate picture as Gogh painted.

The video isn't working because you haven't switched it on.

I want a good life for my family.


I forgot that today was Saturday.