I married them.

Who do you think can fix this?


This book is his best effort to date.

I love this time of year.

How long did it take to fix the car?

These gatherings always get rowdy after hours, when the boss breaks out the single-malt scotch.

Pantelis disappeared without leaving a trace.

With so many people around he naturally became a bit nervous.

Kemal's hands are tied behind his back.

They swam across the bay.

Everyone is guilty of all the good they did not do.

Elliott ran his first marathon.

That's not a good thing.

When did all this start?

He told me to make sure of the date.

If only I had a good reason not to go.

You would've been wrong if you'd said that.


He is a counterfeiter.

There was a commotion when store security guards detained some young men for shoplifting.

We must select a suitable person for any post.

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Svante doesn't like it when he doesn't have enough money.

I don't make their children cry.

You're about my age, I think.

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We're better than you.

I choked! I should have come up with a proper plan first.

Change is what we need.

Naoto admired Milo for her bravery.

Maybe there is hope.


Is Joshua really a psychiatrist now?

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I've never heard of that city yet.

He's a descendant of Queen Victoria!

I took a shower.

After seeing how bravely he acted, his friends thought better of him.

I'm looking forward to good news.

Permanent peace is nothing but an illusion.

Sam began putting on his shoes.

Let's see how things work out.

He was excited by nationalistic sentiment.


Stan likes to go swimming in the summer.

I'm going to turn Harold in to the police.

There are also privacy concerns.

You are not the first to make this mistake.

Please sing.

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We're in the middle of nowhere.

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Pretend nothing's going on.

This isn't your fault.

He is good at French, much more so at English.

Is she not doing well? She seems somewhat depressed.

Now you've hurt my feelings.

Shirley should do the same thing I do.

We've always been competitive.


Do you have any good books for children to read?

Almost all the world condemns Hosni Mubarak because he made the Egyptian people poor.

I like baseball very much.

They should treat people with more respect.

You are satisfied with your life, aren't you?

He actioned for an injunction.

Now, where did you get this?

Tell him I'm not here.

Naresh seems a little confused.

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

Dan went on trial for the murder of his wife, Linda.

No one looks happy.

You really married that whore.

Of course you have to get married son; who will cook for you?

Rudy's youngest son wants to be a veterinarian.

Don't forget to pay the rent.

All but the boy were asleep.

Good luck!

I decided to call Jayant.

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I meant that as a compliment.

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Unfortunately, governments appear to have lost sight of this goal.

It was the last battle that ended the war.

When was the last time you helped your wife?


He won't believe it.


I have problems concentrating.

Lynne told me what he thought of my plan.

Where did you want to take him?


I want to improve my Spanish.

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There are daisies next to the steel building.

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He fell into a slumber inadvertently.

I knew something like this was going to happen.

I found a dinosaur fossil in my garden.

They won't accept the gifts.

It looks like Pierce has lost a button off his shirt.

What's the temperature now?

I couldn't leave her to die.

Prove you're brave.

I like Japanese dishes.


A stranger came up to him and asked him the time.

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This is one of mine.

I want to party with you.

She never saw her brother again.

Oleg placed the ladder against the fence.

We've got to do something about this problem soon.

Where does this car come from?

I wish you'd never come here.

He has learnt manners.

I'm going because I want to.

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Is it true that Japanese think the number four is unlucky?

I plan to contact Lowell by phone tomorrow and ask him to help us.

Hillel says that Carter spends his money a little too freely.


This is a new approach.

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My grandfather's house was on that street.

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You've never been here, have you?

Her election is in the bag.

Who is your girlfriend?

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At least tell her how you feel.

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Danny served two months in jail for drunken driving.

No one ever listens to me.

I'll stay in the house today.

They tied the thief to the tree.

I have urgent business to attend to.

What a beautiful garden!

The serial killer has bought six thousand bullets for his weapons through the Web.


It doesn't start until eight thirty.


I just wanted to say that I love you.

It is an exciting time of the year.

The teacher wrote something on the blackboard.


Let's check with Cris.


He has much money.

You must make the decision on your own.

After all, I'm a waste of space.

There's a glass here.

If you ever do come to Boston, definitely give me a call.

The teacher submitted a request for more funds.

Just wait right here.

Antony got out of cleaning the bathroom.

Don't go anywhere just yet. Wait until I get there.

It already faced a strong fight against the European Allies.

I'll try not to make mistakes next time.


You can't blame her.

What are Debbie's options now?

Am I good or what?

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What's in here?

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Our bus collided with a truck.

We're not actually going to go there, are we?

Shyness first shows itself at school.

I'll borrow us some tools.

I shouldn't have given Pam my phone number.


We cannot do without water.

We probably won't have much snow this winter.

I've finally gotten over my cold.


Diana told me he was going to try to find another job.


We have some questions that we'd like to ask you.


Do you want me to stay here?


All the stores were closed.

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I know Marco was angry.


They aren't dating... yet.

Case is an early bird.

The next concert will take place in June.


You know I hate it.


Where did Graham say we should go?

Brian barely has enough money so he consulted his parents.

I'll do it for a cake.

Her sister Joanna was bright and slender as a lily.

Lisa managed a small bar near Boston for quite a few years.


Hurf won't be able to get there in time.