He turned over the matter in his mind.

Who makes breakfast for you?

Jinchao doesn't have to pay for anything.

It isn't possible to clear the snow from every road.

Marcel seemed hypnotized and followed the voice outside the tent.

Shit stinks.

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Jong gave Ted a Christmas present.

We're wasting valuable time here.

I have a faint recollection of the event.

Don't pay attention to her.

They lived happily ever afterward.

That politician is full of ambition.

That church stands on a hill.

Do I have to be hospitalized?

I have no one to help me.

Where have you put all the spoons?

Her kids are in bed.

They're unconscious.

Have you ever watched this film?


Charleen used to dream about Dorothy.

Why are you doing the dishes? Let Phiroze do them.

Did you do your homework? The meeting is only two days away.

Kathleen is studying linear algebra.

It is 7:30.

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How could you have been so stupid?

Do you think I need a haircut?

Fred wrote his mother a long letter.

I can't stop her.

He is very slow at making friends with anybody.

Are you tired right now?

He was paid 10000 dollars.

The got angry with the high school students.

Our school was established in 1951.

Playing music to me is like reading a book.

This tie doesn't go with my suit.

Nobody volunteered.

Raif moistened his lips.

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You're treading on thin ice.

Liz said he was in love with Jianyun.

She moved to Paris in 1966.

Dan carried the bag on his shoulder.

They said Art was happy.

I was injured while I was skiing.

We had a heavy rain last night.


What did Olof suggest we do?

Your mother must have been beautiful when she was young.

Why did we have to wait so long?

I owe you thirty thousand.

After this, Miki was taken to the hospital.

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My name's Claude, too.

That was interesting.

Moe is waiting for Ariel in front of the supermarket.


Where's the zoo located?


I'd like to meet Jeremy sometime.

She went in for too many events, and so won none.

No one ever really knows what's going through someone else's head.

We have to continue to do our jobs.

Let's concentrate.

It was Ariel's favorite, you know.

A molecule is made up of atoms.


Randall didn't arrive home until dawn.

This car has been used for the past ten years.

It's about three meters away.

Hey, did anybody lose their keys?

He cut through Sherwood Forest.

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I watch television every day.

The two cars crashed.

God made the world round so we would never be able to see too far down the road.

Can you tell me how to get to the city hall?

He imports clothes from Turkey.

This house is famous.

I must be getting soft.


She blinked her eyes.


Galaxies are classified by scientists according to their shape and appearance.

Edgar is the tallest boy in the class.

I cannot go to the stadium by myself.


One can say that Charlie is a professional criminal.

How do I know you're not lying to me right now?

Open windows are good for cooling.


My mouth dried up.


Klaudia corrected himself.

I have my little room on the ground floor.

The book is up there.

This storm is not dangerous. You don't need to worry.

Look on their wall.


I don't care much for his music.

His house is near the subway.

How do you know it was Lenny who stole your wallet?

You stay where you are, Chip.

She forgave him for killing her father.

It's a doll.

Taxis are expensive.

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I think my students are simply the best ones.

Kudos for your outstanding achievement!

He is not such a fool as not to know it.

I hope that you will arrive in Rome soon.

What did you want to say to me yesterday?

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Gabriel didn't understand, but Reiner did.


Do you know how many people died in yesterday's plane crash?

I met someone the other day that I think I could fall in love with.

I can't stand it for long.

Murthy and Leo worked in a coal mine as children.

We had to start somewhere.

I can prevent that from happening again.

I still don't like you.


Don't ever do that kind of thing again.


The water is icy.

That is bad for you.

The judge disposed of the case in short order.

How many legs does a centipede have?

I've never seen you so nervous.


Christian commutes to school by bicycle.

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How much money is left?

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Isn't that exactly what you wanted?

Oliver crashed Liyuan and Bob's car into a tree because he was distracted by his friends.

We were injured.


I don't understand how it could've happened.

I want to know when my baggage is going to arrive.

If only we had a daughter!

If you'd listen, you'd understand.

Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party.

I beg your pardon. I didn't quite catch your name.

You don't have to come to the meeting.

Don't get killed.

Before we get started, are there any questions?

Valentine's Day is celebrated all around the world.

Duncan suppressed a smile.

I'm getting rid of him.

Their home is abundant in love and laughter.


I always feel tense.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

I didn't know Varda was unhappy here.

Who is the man sitting in the corner?

Never do things by halves.

I can't get the cap off this bottle.

I was just trying to protect you.

I have something to talk over with you.

The boy started to sob.


Eventually, the problem may take care of itself.

Hasn't Ronald done enough already?

Don't make me shoot you again.

Have you called a doctor?

My father is going to kill me.


We will bring Dwayne.

Peter is really confused.

I was told you had some news about them.

It has sentimental value.

That'll remain our secret.


Please answer the question.


I enjoyed working with her.

Have you forgotten the true meaning of Christmas?

Earth has bad luck as not everyone eats sushi.

I failed.

She is good at speaking English, no less so than her brother.


Some days require more coffee than others.

Naren is a dependable person.

I don't even know how to dance.

What would you do if I died?!

She gave me plenty to eat.

You're a threat to our mission.

You just have to have mercy on my poor wife.

We didn't back down.

The athletic meeting has been postponed until the first fine day.

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I didn't add this sentence.

He'd rather live in blissful ignorance.

Jurevis doesn't need to go to the doctor.


You should have told the truth.