Your efforts are doomed.

When she was abroad, she often used Skype.

If it wasn't for modern medicine, I'd be dead right now.

Matt is wearing a very valuable ring.

Fish surface for air.

He is often taken for a student.


Juliane was young.

Did she really kill her husband?

I pulled her by the sleeve, but she went on talking unconcernedly.

I'll call him later.

Jagath is a troubleshooter, isn't he?

You got fired, didn't you?

In the future, humans will use spaceships to travel around the galaxy at speeds faster than light.

Tiefenthal has a large bump on the back of his head.

It is said that Homer was blind.

Mr Johnson is, as it were, a walking dictionary.

He will be ten next April.

I've thought about you a lot.

Slowly, the leaves are falling.

Nobody talks about you.

I hope Claude writes soon.

I'm going to go check on them.

We still have to go.


She came late as usual.


He is a different person from the one we are looking for.

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Don't forget it.


I won't go to Australia this year.


Lonhyn arrived at his office later than usual.

We have to take it one step at a time.

Hey, Ken'ichi, come along that drain pipe. I'll pull you up.

Sidney just told me what I wanted to hear.

What was the time of death?

It is cruel to mock a blind man.

I'm not in denial.

The only thing you have to do is shut your mouth.

The Europeans hired an exorcist to cleanse their continent of demons.

Suu took Ken to a fortune teller.

How heavy is your suitcase?

That's so inappropriate.

Deb was an accountant.

Saumya is living with his uncle now.

My boyfriend plans to save up and buy a sports car.

She is an estate agent.

The bus stops right in front of my house.


Don't you want to stop him?

No one has ever told me that before.

I knew you'd be upset.

The leaders were out of touch with the people.

Only 29% of boys, but 71% of girls said that they had never played a collaborative online computer game.


Gil gave us the key.

Why do people say that?

Someone said something, but I didn't understand what it was.

I must meet Leung.

I want to finish this job so I can go home.

Let's wait and see what Kevin does.

Here are a few coppers.


Rich isn't wearing his glasses.


There is no paint.

She was in a piteous state.

Mahesh had a beard when he was in college.

Merton bends over backwards to make Darren happy.

What's the restaurant's speciality?

Billy went to the park on Sunday afternoon.

The village needs your help.

I give you my permission to do whatever you want to do.

We'll get you squared away.


Put your hat on.


He enjoyed hobnobbing with diplomats and celebrities.

The boy may have told a lie to please his parents.

Someone's dog disappeared.

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I can teach you how to translate.

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I just want tonight to be special.

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The hotel is noted for its food.


The Great Jerboa is a species of rodent.

How much is an apple?

I'm sure that Olaf has never been to Boston.

He told me about the accident as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

Owen didn't know that List was in love with him.

We're about to go swimming.

The fire truck is on its way.

Who wants some hot chocolate?

There sure is a lot of traffic today.

Am I allowed to be in here?

The elderly man takes strong drugs for his heart.

Hunting, underwater diving, fishing and exploring are among his interests.

I am going to school.

Everyone was just flabbergasted that she was able to get pregnant at 48.

It was this book that I borrowed from him.


Gene has washed himself.

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Eagle was on the Moon's surface for 22 hours before it lifted off to rejoin the command module.


We should leave at once.


When do we want it?


Pradeep fell into a deep sleep.

I was abroad on an assignment.

I haven't heard this in a while!


The car was destroyed in the accident.

We have to put the piano on its side in order to get it in.

Ned held the flag erect.


I think we're looking for different things.

Could you fetch the newspaper for me?

She misled the students.

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Everything I have is yours.

I'm supposed to meet Jones at 2:30.

Amos said that he and Vincenzo were planning to visit Australia next year.

It is as sure as death.

It is not mine to foretell the future.

You seem angry.

The Tanakas are visiting us this afternoon.

Gosh, I'm 25 years old now. Isn't that horrible? Rounding up, I'm 30!

Are you satisfied or dissatisfied?

The girl wore a light blue kimono.

It'll snow tomorrow.

That's a huge challenge.

I see Marika almost every day.

I want to find a way for us to be happy.

Stop it. You're making me blush.

Holidays? What are they?

He came home late last night.

After I had thought about this elementary question fundamentally, I came to the conclusion that the difference, which is often described as "considerable" or "substantial" by distinguished people, between the indispensable words "important" and "essential" isn't significant, but rather is irrelevant.

In the end our team lost the final game.


Nobody likes him.


He writes a letter.

I never get up before seven.

Chet is said to have been ill last week, but she looks well now.

It's not good to force our ideas on others.

It has started to rain.


Emily wants to be an electrician.


She couldn't look me straight in the face.

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This doesn't feel right.

Poverty with honesty is preferable to wealth obtained by unfair means.

They're smiling at each other.

I would rather die than live in dishonor.

Yumiko has a push-up bra.

What stuff is this jacket made of?

King tried to pry open the box with a crowbar.

A mistranslation is sometimes called a leiterjakab in Hungarian.

The militia were called out.


This is standard.

The letters A.E.I.O.U assist us to know how to read words.

The plate slipped from her hand and crashed to the floor.

That would appear to be correct.

Many had lost their arms or legs.


He got acquainted with some villagers.

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I just think you should be more careful, that's all.

I am going to keep your secret.

What kind of gun was it?


When do you want me back here?

He likes money.

Take care of Mr. Tanaka for me!

They aren't putting on shoes.

Where can I buy a surfboard?

At first, I thought she was sick.

Erick said he didn't want to think about it.

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His lectures are very long.

I won't kill you.

A great earthquake occurred in Rome during the reign of Tiberius.

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Becky doesn't usually need to use a cane.

Don't click on the link.

Yes, yes, of course.

You scared the children.

The priest reprimanded the altar boy for swinging the incense around like a lasso.

She went shopping at a supermarket.

My hands are full.

This is the first time I've ever stuck pictures in my room.

He deserves better.